WireRun Fantasy Wireless Desktop Charging Pad

Economical, lightweight, and portable this wireless charger is the perfect size for your desk or while your on the go.


What's special about this Wirerun wireless charger?

  • This Qi standard charger has an output of 5V/1A which will charge your phone quickly and without cumbersome cords.
  • Cutting-edge Wireless inductive technology simplifies charging into just setting your phone down on the charging pad.
  • Once plugged in, a red “aim” indicator light will illuminate allowing you to place your phone on the charger even in the dark.
  • Your device is still accessible while charging so you can answer a call without having to unplug.
  • When charging, a blue light will glow* on and off allowing you to visibly see that your phone is charging. (*Indicator will not turn off when charging is complete).
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RoHS CompliantCEFCC

Trade-in all those other charging cables! No more fiddling with lightning cables or searching for a cord that isn’t damaged or running to answer a call just to fumble with unplugging the cord and miss the call. Our Fantasy Wireless charger offers a popular wireless design that won't break the bank. This device will charge your phone at regular speed, and LED lights will alert you of the charging status

Part # Description Color Price
WR-DTWC-BC Wireless QI Charger - 5W Black/Clear
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  • Non slip pads makes the charger stay put where you place it.
  • Durable plastic design will withstand occasional bumps and drops.
  • The non-slip housing ensures perfect placement.
  • Comes with 5-Watt Qi Charging Coils.
  • 3.937”( 100mm)diameter X .374”(9.5mm) thick 2.82oz(80g) weight
  • Sleek, compact build takes up minimal space.
Input 5.0V / 2A
Output 5.0V / 1A
Weight 2.82oz
Color Options Black/Clear
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