Tips for Convention Cable Management

By: CableOrganizer®


If you're in charge of organizing the wires, cables, or hoses needed for a show or a convention, then your main concern is to prevent any tripping hazards over these items. You should additionally protect cords or hoses from heavy traffic, which attendees at a conference may easily trip over, if they are left unprotected. Cords can be permanently damaged if also exposed to traffic, moisture, and other factors. Some ways you can easily protect cords during conventions are below:


As a representative overseeing convention cable management, it is your responsibility to take all precautions to avoid any risks involved with the cables and cords associated with your company. For securing wires and cables in the convention center, tapes and adhesives are perfect solutions. What makes tapes and adhesives so reliable, is they can be torn by hand, are puncture resistant, leave no adhesive on cables or cords, are designed for temporary use on floors, and can be repositioned many times if needed. You can find a variety of tape to choose from at CableOrganizer®, such as Cable Path™ Tape. This tape is useful in organizing and protecting your convention cables because it has adhesive only on the outer edges. It lifts easily once the convention is over, without leaving behind adhesive residue.

For protecting your cables and cords from heavy foot traffic, there are indoor cord covers and cable protectors. Depending on the environment, you may want to consider light capacity cable cover protection, which work on hard surfaces or carpets. Medium capacity cord cover can guard against higher foot traffic, as well as handcarts and small vehicles used within indoor settings. It is important to also understand the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and ensure guests with disabilities can navigate cables, using ADA compliant access ramp and rail accessories.

Wraps, clips, and clamps are other options that keep even the smallest of your wires and cables secure and tight. Wrap N Strap® Cord Organizers can quickly and safely bundle cables. These flexible and fully adjustable straps fasten cables in place, without damaging their jackets.

Heatshrink tubing is another solution that protects cables against abrasion, while insulating them, and providing strain relief. This tubing also color codes cords, while safeguarding them from moisture and corrosion.


Prevention is the best way to avert tripping accidents from happening at your event. Bundling your cables is key — and you can use items like cable ties and hook and loop wraps as economical solutions to keep wires restrained.

Fabric cord covers also prevent wires from becoming tripping hazards. SafCord Flexible Cable Cover is made of Cordura nylon, is machine washable, and can be reused at future events. It is easy to roll up and store after use.

Whether you have a small or large number of cables, the Snake Tray® will hold, guide, and protect your cables and wires. It can be mounted on the wall, ceiling, or floor.

Using a flat power extension cord additionally keeps extension cords from becoming trip hazards. This power extension lies flat against the floor and can be run across the room. It is ideal for temporary use at places like a convention, because it can be easily set up and taken down.

Other convention cable management products to consider:

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