How Do You Use Cable Cover Protection?

By: CableOrganizer®

Do you have wires snaking across your floor at home or in your office? Maybe they span the length of your garage? Perhaps they’re routed across your driveway — or even a very high-traffic area where vehicles and major foot traffic cross over them? Cable cover protection is a solution for all these scenarios, to protect cords from pedestrians or vehicles. This type of coverage guards cables from getting crushed, keeping them covered and out of harm’s way too from external elements like moisture and chemicals. It additionally keeps people safe from cables and wires, preventing them from tripping and falling.

Some use tape over wires to cover them. This method does not provide full protection and can leave tacky residue on a floor or carpet. Others may try to shield them with an area rug or mat, but this can create another trip hazard, still make wires susceptible to being crushed, and might cause them to overheat. Cable cover protection, on the other hand, is a problem solver to keep cables and people safe.

This aspect of cable management it isn’t a one size fits all approach though. The cable cover you use inside of your home or office is not the same as the high capacity type you will need to cover those in a driveway or at an outdoor event. CableOrganizer® has light, medium, and high capacity cord covers available, as well as ADA compliant ramps. You will find some details about each category, as well as specific brands, below:



There are various versions of light duty cord covers for everyday use around a home or office, where some foot traffic may be possible, such as in a living room, hallway, kitchen, garage, home workspace, entertainment area, small office, recording studio, or similar locations. They come in materials like plastic and rubber, to provide light shielding of smaller wires, where there is not a threat of vehicle traffic, but where wires are subjected to pedestrians, carts, and some light machinery. These plastic covers are designed to keep people and wires safe, specifically various types of electrical wires, extension cords, and other household cables. The premium cable shield cord covers are wood patterned and suitable for hard types of flooring or loop carpeting. The Moray™ Cable Covers are made of rubber and stay attached to floor covering. They are also weather resistant, making them ideal for short term outdoor use. If you need a light duty type that offers more durable protection, there is the cable shield cord cover. Its dome construction can hold up to 661 pounds, guarding against abrasion, foot traffic, and weighty furniture. In some cases, within a house by entertainment systems or home offices, a larger bundle needs protection. The ChordSavers™ ClubSaver™ Cord Cover can shield up to approximately 20 small cables, its cap easily removeable for changeouts later. It can even hold up against the weight of cabinets, hand trucks, and other heavy articles. SideWinder Cable Protection Systems™ is a light capacity linked system that snaps and curves to route cords, without buckling and special pieces. It has rubber tabs underneath, to keep it stable even on smooth flooring. The black and yellow option simulates a caution tape appearance. The Defender® Mini Cord Cover provides indoor and outdoor lighter protection, with three channels to prevent cables from being crushed at events, trade shows, shopping centers, TV stations, theaters, studios, and storage facilities.



The medium capacity cord covers can endure a higher threshold of pedestrians, outdoor environments, and some vehicle movement. These can be helpful in industrial locations, warehouses, busier offices, larger scale special events, and concerts. The cord covers in this category are crafted of heavier duty rubbers, metals, durable plastics, and like materials. Medium rubber ducts have three channels to protect wires, cords, hoses, and cables from pedestrians and vehicles. MegaDuct Wire and Hose Heavy Duty Protector sustains foot traffic, as well as golf carts or forklifts. It is made of tough PVC that covers large power cords, hoses, and cables in its center channel. The metal cable shield floor cord cover comes with a base and cover to keep power and data ones separated. It works well to protect cords from carts, chairs, strollers, and other rolling items. The Defender® NANO operates both indoors and outdoors, keeping surfaces navigable for wheelchairs or light duty vehicles. It channels and guards under its sturdy lid, which is flat and easy to cross.



Heavy duty, high capacity cord covers are built to take a beating that light and medium capacity ones cannot. They usually have deeper channels, hinged tops, and exteriors built for traction and wear. The Linebacker® Light Weight Cable Protector is constructed for industrial applications. The heavy duty polyurethane protects up to five cables, withstanding a maximum 40,300 pounds per axle of vehicle traffic, inclement weather. Another heavy duty protector is The Hawk, a three-channel cord protector with up to a 10,000 pound load capacity per axle. Its built-in “claw” ends interlock to extend the cord cover over longer stretches. Its hinged cover opens 90 degrees for easy wire changes. Lower profile cable cover is more of a suitable option in settings where there could be pedestrians, children, elderly individuals, and people with mobility challenges, who need non-strenuous ways to cross a ramp. Guard Dog® 2 Channel Low Profile Standard and ADA Compliant Cable Protectors are designed for high-traffic environments and events, including fairs, carnivals, and musical performances. Another heavy duty option is the Cable and Hose Bridge. This temporary overpass system is made of high density urethane and guards hoses up to 6.5 inches in diameter. It has a diamond-plated tread that heavy trucks like fire department and municipal vehicles can traverse, even in slippery weather.


ADA Compliant

Cable cover protection is a necessity at special events, in some workplaces, and in public spaces, to maintain Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. A space with obtrusive cables can impede a temporarily or permanently disabled person’s path, whether they’re using a wheelchair, motorized scooter, walker, cane, walking stick, or crutches. Cable cover aids their crossing, making cords, cables, wires, and hoses navigable. Many of these covers are additionally sturdy enough to withstand vehicle traffic. CableOrganizer® has cord protectors, as well as ADA rails and ramps, from Checkers Justrite Safety Group®, including Linebacker® and Guard Dog® products. Ramps (sold separately) flank this type of protector, with the rail added when it is required. Each ADA rail fits with compatible models of cord protectors and ADA ramps.

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