Even Cables Need a Little TLC

BY: Christina Hansen


Whether you embrace it or dread it, there’s no escaping the fact, dear cable-organizing friends: Valentine’s Day is upon us again! And there’s no better time of year to celebrate the ongoing love affairs that many of us have with the cables in our lives. Let’s face it…they electrify us, they light up our lives, and we couldn’t bear to be without them! Cables make just about every convenience that we know possible, so why not show them how much you care? This February 14th, go ahead and skip the florist, jeweler and chocolate shop…instead, arrange for a little cable TLC, CableOrganizer.com-style.

cable turtle sizesT For Turtles … No, we’re not talking about the chocolate-covered caramel and pecan kind that come in heart-shaped boxes…we’re thinking more along the lines of Cable Turtles! These sleek and stylish little numbers are the perfect way to secure extra lengths of cable quickly and easily, all within a perfectly compact shell. The Museum of Modern Art’s Design Collection loves these Dutch imports, and we think your cables will too… after all, who doesn’t want to be seen in something of fabulous European design?


dymo rhinopro 5000L For Label Printers …It probably goes without saying that you wouldn’t exactly enjoy being unable to find the Object of Your Affection, should the two of you become separated while out together in a crowded place. Likewise, you can probably imagine that it’s no picnic trying to single out the one cable you need when it’s jumbled together with a bunch of others! Most people go through life trying to avoid situations like this, and that’s why CableOrganizer.com carries such a great variety of label printers from Brother, Dymo, Brady, and K-Sun. A little cable labeling can go a long way, and it will ensure that disorganization will never again keep you and your cables apart!


fastlane cord protectorC For Cord Covers … We all have cables running across the floor in one place or another, but the floor can be one dangerous place if you’re a cable. Hazards like chew-happy pets, pedestrians, and even vehicle traffic can constantly threaten to mangle or crush cables that are lying on the ground.  You wouldn’t allow your loved ones to be trampled on, so you shouldn’t let that happen to your cables either! Not to worry … CableOrganizer.com has got you – and your cables – covered. Light-capacity Rubber Ducts, SafCord Cord Covers and Flexiduct Plastic Cord Protectors are great for defending cables from foot traffic around the house and at the office. If the cords needing protection are to be found on set, in a warehouse or at a special event, medium-capacity solutions like Dropover-Lite, Cable Guard Dropovers, and MegaDuct Cord and Hose Covers are exactly what you’ve been looking for. And if you want to rest easy knowing that your cables aren’t being roughed up around the jobsite, entrust them to heavy-duty cord covers from Yellow Jacket®, Bumble Bee®, Linebacker® and Guard Dog®.



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