LAN Cable Testers

Troubleshoot your electrical, data, video and phone cables with these LAN cable testers: quickly measure overall cable length, locate faults, and more. From economical hand-held testers to serious, professional-grade devices and even all-inclusive kits, we've got the products to help you accurately test and verify your LAN installations. Network Wiring Instructions.

All About LAN Cable Testing and Network Verifiers

If you landed on this page and are wondering what on earth a LAN cable tester is used for, fear not! We're here to clarify what they are used for and how one could benefit you. The items we carry at will help you troubleshoot your electrical, data, video, and phone cables to locate faults, measure cable length, and more. We have a number of different models ranging from simple to complex depending on your needs.

What is LAN Testing?

Speaking in plain English, LAN speed testing measures the speed of your -or your client's- home network. It also seeks out failures in your cable installation, easily verifies pin configurations for patch cords and cable installations. Generally, a cable tester consists of:

  • A source of electric current
  • A volt meter
  • A switching matrix

We have simple variations that allow you to identify shorts, opens, miswires, reversed, and split pairs in a great, economical hand-held package. It's a great tool that can ultimately save you plenty of time and money. There are also comprehensive network testers that perform a number of different tests to maintain and troubleshoot passive and active networks. It performs advanced wiremapping and network scanning all in one handy device so that you can forget about having to haul around a number of bulky testers at once.

Best Practices for LAN Cable Testers

Networks exist everywhere - in your home, office, and everywhere in between. Wired networks provide service that is often faster, more robust, and less expensive than wireless servers, but the negative part is that when something goes wrong, troubleshooting can be a challenge. This is where network testers come into the picture.


When using your LAN cable tester, keep in mind that you should never connect a cable tester to a live circuit. The tester should only be turned on once the cable is connected to both the cable and the remote, and it will show you what kind of network cable you have along with potential problems.