Tone Generators & More

Test tone generators and cable fault finders are important tools for identifying problems in your cable runs. We've got a wide selection of devices including digital tone generator products and time domain reflectometer items from Greenlee, Ideal & Triplett. Troubleshoot your Cat and coaxial cables, speaker wiring, and more.

Identify Problems in Your Cable Runs Easily!

Cables often lurk behind walls, under floors, and inside ceilings. This makes it difficult to identify problems because you can't see through the walls to identify the cause of the issue. Luckily, plenty of tools exist to allow you to work efficiently and identify problems on the spot. Test tone generators, cable fault finders, probe kits, and more act like an assistant in figuring out what the problem is.

Troubleshooting Your Cables

Test tone generators identify cables while eliminating power-related noise. It is great for wire tracing jobs of any type. It works by creating and sending a signal to a wire or conductor. It is great in use with a probe kit, because an amplifier prove can trace your signal and pinpoint any issues.

Troubleshooting your cables shouldn't start after you have an issue. It is important to make sure things are working well in the first place, and also to have the tools on hand in case you do run into any kind of issue. conveniently sells many of these kind of tools to help you. We even have kits available so that you can have everything you need with one simple purchase. Kits vary, but this one includes a traces, headlight, and earphone jack so that you have everything you need to get into hard-to-reach areas. You are able to light your way in dark areas and also reduce fluorescent light noise because you can turn off overhead lights and use your headlight.

Fault finders allow you to easily find issues with cables and identify them. They are easy to operate and work by measuring the length of a cable and the distance to its fault.

These kinds of tools may seem like an afterthought but they are essential for any toolbox. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to figure out a problem with one of your cables. It is better to be prepared ahead of time with a tone generator and fault finder so that you don't waste time!