Specialty Test Equipment

Here is where you'll find testers tailored to specific applications, rather than multi-functioning, all purpose electrical testers. Check out our selection of railroad testers, HDMI testers, satellite strength meters, detectors for discovering breaks in wire insulation, temperature/humidity readers, motor rotation testers, and more.

How You Can Use Specialty Testing Equipment and Sets

When you need to hone in on a specific problem, it is vital to have the right tool for the job. When it comes to testing equipment, the only way you can make sure you are testing something correctly is to make sure you are measuring it correctly and getting a correct readout. Here at CableOrganizer.com, we carry a variety of specialty testing equipment and testing sets to do just that!

Here is a breakdown of some of the kinds of testing equipment we offer and what they are best used for.

Railroad Test Sets

We carry three different railroad tests sets for you to choose from. In a nutshell, these tests are an analog meter designed to measure signal parameters of railroad coding equipment. They can detect foreign voltage in AC and DC ranges and also measure current, voltage, and resistance. One of the great things about the ones we carry is that they can measure cab frequencies without the need to shut down equipment. They are specialized VOMs that maintain compatibility with older technology, at the same time offering extra functions and features.

3-Phase Motor Rotation Tester

This testing identified three-phase sequencing to confirm a proper connection. It accurately measures motor rotation and can locate any open phases. It is an essential device for electrical engineers so that they can guarantee the correct connection.

Digital Earth Resistance Meter

If you need to test ground connectors, this is a great piece of testing equipment for you. It measures the resistance of existing earth conductors so that you know if they can be grounded or not. This helps you to meet electrical standards and codes without any issues, and with confidence.

Digital Insulation Multimeter

Wires need to be properly insulated. This tool tests the quality of insulation on any wire up to 1000 VDC. It keeps test results stored so that you can easily compare any changes that may have occurred. It is the way to completely text a power cable and have no doubts that everything is in working order.

SOHO Tester

This is perfect for someone who does a lot of DIY projects at home, or the owner of a small office or business who wants to do as much of their own wiring work as possible. This tester gives you pass or fail results and also allows you to easily trace wires. In can be used in SOHO, LAN, and internet applications.


Part of electricity, wiring, and construction is being intimately acquainted with the environment you are working in. The Thermo-Hygrometer instantly reads the temperature and humidity you are in and also keeps track of conditions as they change. It is an easy to use and easy to handle tool that is a perfect addition to your tool box.