Energy Cost Meters

Whether you're trying to save money or live greener, it's important to be able to figure out exactly how much electricity you're using. Our selection of watt meters allows you to easily monitor watt usage and consumption costs for both personal and commercial applications. Monitor and project your energy costs with convenient, easy to use devices. Once you know how must your appliances are costing you, you can decide which ones are worth keeping and which are worth upgrading, which can reduce your monthly costs and help make the world a little better.

Save Money and Live Greener with a Power Meter

To most people, saving money and living a greener life is high on the priority list. Every single day, we use hundreds of items that add up to a big carbon footprint. With an energy power meter or wattmeter, you can test your electrical appliances to become more aware of your electric expenditure. offers a selection of meters to help you easily monitor and adjust your way usage and energy consumption in both personal and commercial applications. Each model we carry has its own unique benefits. Here they are, explained.

The Kill a Watt ™ Electricity Meter

This is simplicity and functionality at its finest! This tool helps you to test the efficiency of your electrical appliances easily. Anyone can use it, from a do-it-yourselfer to a professional! The power meter has an LCD display that shows Kilowatt hours, Volts, Amps, Watts, Hz, and VA. It has a great accuracy to within 0.2% and is ETL listed.

P4460 EZ Electricity Usage Monitor

If you are trying to decide which devices to keep and which ones just aren't worth it, this power meter will help you determine that. It is the most economical method of measuring the electrical usage and operating costs of your appliances. It literally helps you to have a realistic estimate of your expenses by the day, week, month, or year with 0.2% accuracy.

P3-P4320 P3 Power Strip

This dual-purpose power meter lets you monitor your electricity and protect your equipment from power surges at the same time. It provides surge protection circuitry to protect your electronics. At the same time, it calculates your electrical costs and provides a breakdown by the day, week, month, and year. The strip comes equipped with six standard outlets and two extra wide.