About Xspot Products™

Xspot™ uses extra-strength magnets in both the Xspot device and the XLocators tools. Xspots devices have prongs that snap-in and securely hold the wires to your exact location. The XLocator tools use reverse polarity to confirm the location and magnetic fields to give you the location accurate to ¼ inch every time. Xspot is easy to use and requires no special skills or experience. Xspot Products was invented by Mark Sipe, a veteran low voltage contractor, who wanted to resolve the high cost and inefficiency of wiring homes. The issue peaked on a 14,000 square foot job where the sheet-rocker had buried dozens of wires requiring three days of labor to tone out the wire locations. This is when the idea of Xspot began. Xspot Products now holds multiple patents both in the US and Internationally under its parent company, Prime Industrial Design llc.

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