About Jewell Instruments®

Jewell Instruments® is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of high-precision products. Their expertise includes acceleration and tilt sensors, electronic compasses, avionics components, solenoids, and panel meters. The extensive application knowledge they have obtained through decades of experience allows them to provide custom solutions for a diverse group of industries.

Founded in 1999, GEM is a dedicated manufacturer of high quality coaxial products, from connectors to baluns to tools including crimpers and wire strippers. Their products offer solutions to problems facing installers and professionals in the coaxial field.

Founded in 1904, Triplett Corporation provides a wide range of testing equipment for electrical, voice/data, video and security applications. Acquired by Jewell Instruments in 2007, Triplett continues to offer innovative and versatile testers for LAN networks cables, telephone lines and more.

Triplett/Byte Brothers™ creates indispensable tools for the professional installer, allowing you to troubleshoot your installation and diagnose any problems before flipping the switch. From simple testers like the affordable Pocket CAT to the comprehensive Real World Certifier, Byte Brothers'™ line of products will make sure your network is running smoothly.


GEM Electronics Universal BNC Connector 301-00