About George Risk Industries

Since 1965, they have been steadfast in maintaining a level of craftsmanship and quality that is unmatched. Throughout their 50+ years of work, they have continually worked hard to design innovative products that meet their customers’ needs and ensure that every product they sell is exactly what’s expected.


Rods, Reels, Poles, & Soldering Kit

LSDI™, short for Labor Saving Devices, Inc.™, is dedicated to “Advancing the Art of Installation”. Their products are designed to make wire installation more convenient for the professional installer. Their push/pull rods, telescoping poles, solder kits and reel holders are developed by an R&D staff made up largely of professional installers, which means their tools are by installers, for installers, so you can trust that they understand the importance of saving time in the field.



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LSDI Grabbit Fiberglass Rods