About Go Simply Connect™

GoSimplyConnect provides products and experience TO GET THE JOB DONE RIGHT, THE FIRST TIME. Their expertise spans 20+ years streamlining the installation process for wire, cable and field terminations. Their unique and innovative designs provide confidence that you have the highest performing connectivity solutions for technology used today.

Tools, Connectors, Keystones, & Patch Panels

Simply45® is the leading brand for RJ45 modular plug innovation and performance solutions. Our RJ45 solutions are so innovative that we have patents filed on many of our product features. Simply45® provides solutions for both Pass-Through RJ45 Modular Plugs and Standard WE/SS (8P8C) RJ45 Modular Plugs. Simply45® understands the importance that both LAN cables and RJ45 modular plugs must work together at the highest levels to support the performance requirements for today’s applications.

Tools & Connectors

Keystones & Patch Panels

HDMI Adapters & Locking Harness

SimplyAV™ offers high-quality audio and video hardware solutions that are both innovative and industry-leading as far as performance. This is what separates their products from the competition making SimpyAV™ simply better.