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If you're running cords, cables, and wires across any surface where foot or vehicle traffic may occur, a cord cover is an essential investment. We have covers for both indoor and outdoor applications. You can find cable and cord covers for virtually every application from CableOrganizer®, whether it’s for home, an office, a conference room, a warehouse, a construction site, or for special events.

Cord covers ensure your cables don't sustain damage from heavy traffic, protecting them as well from becoming trip hazards. We’ve got them all, from discreet and decorative plastic cord covers that match your home decor to high visibility heavy duty multi-channel models that can withstand serious vehicle traffic. Choose from popular brands like Guard Dog®, Bumble Bee®, Linebacker®, and Yellow Jacket®.

For the ultimate in safety compliance, we also have low-profile ADA compliant handicap ramps that provide safe access for individuals with disabilities.

Cord Cover Protection Is a Necessity for Safety

You may not think of cord cover protection as a necessity, but we know how important it is. The use of cord covers can prevent countless trips, falls, emergency room visits and doctor's bills.

Cord covers are an essential tool if you have cables running through an area with excessive foot and vehicle traffic, because they are designed to prevent damage to cables, wires, and hoses.

A Cord Cover Protection Breakdown

CableOrganizer® offers several categories of cord covers, from light-duty use in a home or office setting, to heavy-duty covers designed to withstand regular traffic.


light capacity

Light capacity cord covers are designed for home or office use. They are ideal for light traffic that generates minimal wear and tear. This category of cord cover should typically not be used outdoors. Some are drop-over, while cables can slide through a channel in other types. They are an easy-to-use product for people who require quick, indoor cord protection. Premium Cable Shield Cord Covers are one of the options, which offer a wood pattern to blend in with flooring. The Super Duty Cord Cover features three channels in a durable PVC design, with a ribbed bottom for greater traction. Explore more light capacity choices here.


medium capactiy

Medium capacity cord covers are useful for areas with higher pedestrian traffic and some light vehicle traffic, like a parking lot, park, school, grocery store, library, or warehouse. They are designed for indoor and outdoor use, where they can protect wires, cables, and hoses from becoming trip hazards. MegaDuct Wire and Hose Heavy Duty Protector covers large cords and connectors from foot and vehicle traffic. Defender® NANO features six cable channels, covered with a yellow or black lid. It has a flat profile that can resist forklifts, pallet trucks, and similar vehicles.


high capactiy

High capacity cord covers are sturdy and for industrial settings. They are ready to take on heavier vehicle traffic and an extensive amount of foot traffic. These are the types often seen on busy streets and in bustling parking lots. They are used for the protection of hoses, cables, wires, and pipes, as well as cables. Guard Dog® Heavy Duty Cord Protector can endure up to 21,000 pounds, protecting cables and hoses up to 1.3 inches in outside diameter. At the same time, they are lightweight, and designed for easy setup, disassembly, and storage. Elasco Dual Channel Cable Protectors can withstand loads of 12,500 pounds per tire. They are lighter weight than most cord covers, have built-in handles for easy transport, yet are manufactured of non-conductive polyurethane that provides exceptional abrasion, corrosion, and weather resistance.


power extension

Perfect for large rooms or spaces where there just isn't a handy outlet where you need it, power extension covers safely allow wires to run through a room without creating an unsightly trip hazard for people. Lay-flat Electrical Power Extension Cord Covers are made of PVC and feature a protective cord cover and extension cord.


fabric cord cover

Fabric cord covers offer a flexible solution to covering cords, wires, cables, hoses, pipes, chains, and similar items. SafCord Flexible Cable Cover is made of durable CORDURA® nylon, which can be cut to length for its application. This cover attaches to a looped carpet with hook and loop fasteners, in place of adhesives. It is machine washable and can be reused. The Cable Sash™ is another option to bundle shorter cable runs. It too is made of outdoor-grade nylon, then fastens with hook and loop, plus a tab to cinch it.


ada ramps

Specialized cord covers, ramps, and rails exist to provide hazard-free access across cables and hoses for both pedestrians and people in wheelchairs. All the designs offered at CableOrganizer® are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Cross-Guard ADA Compliant Systems for Linebacker® and Guard Dog® Cord Protectors provide protection for cables, wires, cords, and hoses at events, while providing a safe crossing for carts, strollers, and wheelchairs. The textured ramp surfaces provide traction to resist slips, along with side rails to prevent accidental falls and roll-offs. Some options offer load capacity of up to 40,300 pounds per axle.

Shop at CableOrganizer® for a complete array of cable cover protection solutions today.

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