The Medium Capacity Drop Over Cord Cover

Simple, Effective, Infinite Length


What's special about this drop over cord cover?

  • Easy to use  – just drop it over cables, it's heavy enough to stay in place without adhesives
  • The ideal cable protector to use in areas with small cart and foot traffic, like warehouses, churches, garages and laboratories
  • Made of strong and durable rubber that’s made to last
  • It's versatile…snap a couple together for longer runs, or use turn accessories if needed
  • The textured surface provides excellent slip resistance
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For those jobs that don't quite require the high weight resistance of heavy duty cable cord covers, the Medium Sized Drop Over fits the bill. It's a two channel drop over cover that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Each channel is 1.75" W x 1" H, providing enough space for power cords, network cables and small hoses. Please note: these cable protectors are made of heavy duty rubber and should be "aired out" before using indoors - there is a strong rubber smell that will dissipate if left outside before using.

Please Note: The Orange is made using a two layer technique, therefore the top of the cable cover is Orange and the bottom is black or gray

Part # Description Length # Channels Weight Color Price
ED-CC-DO-MED-OR Medium Drop-Over 48" (1.22m) 2 20 lbs (9.07 kg) Orange
Manufacturer Direct
ED-CC-DO-MED-45 45° Turn
with 2 male-male connectors
12" (0.30m) 2 3.5 lbs (1.58 kg) Black
Manufacturer Direct
  • Available in black and orange

    Each channel is 1.75" W x 1" H and offers enough space for small hoses as well as network and power cables. The 4ft long sections enable you to cover smaller sections of cabling at a time. For increased stability there is a raised rib that separates the 2 channels and adds additional support for your cables.

    Part # Overall Dimensions # Channels Channel Weight Color
    Length Width Height Width Height
    ED-CC-DO-MED-OR 48" 10-3/4" 1-5/8" 2 1-3/4" 1" 20 lbs Orange
    ED-CC-DO-MED-45 12" 10-3/4" 1-5/8" 2 1-3/4" 1" 3.5 lbs Black


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    Questions & Answers


    Is this cover ADA compliant?

    Asked by Anonymous user on 01.34 AM Thursday, 11 June, 2015

    • - Thank you for your question. This item is not ADA compliant.

      Natalia C. on 03.43 PM Tuesday, 10 January, 2017

    How much load can this cover take? We have a cart full of AV equipment that will go over it. Thanks.

    Asked by Anonymous user on 12.43 AM Thursday, 15 June, 2017

    • - Hello, These cord covers cannot support vehicle traffic, but they are perfect for foot and small cart traffic

      Anonymous user on 03.56 PM Friday, 23 June, 2017

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