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CCTV White Light LED Illuminator

Iluminar® CCTV White Light LED Illuminators

Choose quality white light illumination whenever you want high detail color picture at night instead of monochrome.

CCTV IR LED Illuminators

Iluminar CCTV Series IR LED Illuminators

Capture the action 24/7 with these effective IR illuminators. Choose from a wide range of angles and distance coverage.

Pole Mount Bracket for Iluminators

Iluminar® Pole Mount Bracket for IR and WL Illuminators

Keep your illuminator installation safe and simple with this durable pole mount bracket. Mount it on any pole from 3" to 8" diameter.

Iluminar POE IR LED Illuminators

Iluminar® PoE Series IR LED Illuminators

Inconspicuously light the way for your network surveillance cameras with these effective PoE IR illuminators.