Greenlee GL-ES32 Cable Cutter

A Compact, Ergonomically Correct, Lightweight and Fast Cable Cutter

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What's special about this Greenlee Cable Cutter?

  • Advance battery powered tool, with up to a 500 kcmil capacity
  • Innovative two-step scissors style cutting blades
  • Cuts through copper or aluminum
  • When cut is complete, blades automatically open
  • Clean, precise cuts
  • Cutting head rotates 350° for access to tight spaces
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The Greenlee ES32 cable cutter is battery powered, small, light weight, easy to use, ergonomically correct, and fast. It features a two step scissors style cutting blades to cut up to 500 kcmil. Excellent for cutting cable in tight places. Features a patented "friction drive" that results in a small and lighter tool.

For cables less than 500 kcmil put the cable in between the blades and pull the trigger. When the cut is complete the tool will stop and the blades will automatically open for the next cut. For larger cutting jobs, 500 kcmil cable, two cycles are required. When the cycle is complete the cable will be cut cleanly and completely. The hardened steel blades are long lasting.

  • Included with cutter are two batteries, carrying case, and battery charger.
  • 80 cutting cycles per battery charge.
  • One year warranty.


Length 15.75"
Blade Type Heat Treated Steel
Cutting Capacity/Material 8 AWG to 500 kcmil
Battery Pack Recharge Time 1 Hour
Battery Type 12 V, 120 V, 230 V
(dependant on which you select)
Handle Material Plastic
Weight 4 lbs
Includes 2 NiMH Batteries & 120 VDC Charger
Feature Patented "Friction Drive"







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