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What's special about these connectors?

  • These RCA connectors allow for quick and easy installation in the field as the one-piece construction has no loose pieces to handle
  • Crimps on permanently for a strong, snug fit to ensure that your signal remains strong for years to come
  • Test performance meets MIL-C-39012 standard
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RCA Compression Connectors are by far the most common small audio or video connector used on consumer audio/video equipment.

Part #Compression ConnectorTypeQtyWeightPrice
GEM-100-2CSTPGEM RCA MaleRG59 PVC, Siamese & Plenum104.3 oz
GEM-100-6CSQSTPGEM RCA MaleRG6 / Dual / Tri / Quad104.2 oz
GEM-100-610CSTPGEM RCA MaleRG6 Plenum104.3 oz
GEM-101-2CSTPGEM RCA Male Right AngleRG59 PVC, Siamese & Plenum107.3 oz
GEM-101-6CSTPGEM RCA Male Right AngleConnector RG6107.1 oz
GEM-125-2CSTPGEM RCA FemaleRG59 PVC, Siamese & Plenum105.4 oz
GEM-125-6CSTPGEM RCA FemaleRG6105.0 oz
GEM-125-610CSTPGEM RCA FemaleRG6 Plenum105.0 oz
GEM-125-6CSQSTPGEM RCA FemaleRG6 Dual / Tri / Quad105.1 oz
  • These connectors are weatherproof so you can use them in areas that may not always be safe from water and weather damage
  • The RCA Compression Connector utilizes captive, self-energizing center contact which has a gold plated center contact and the body of the connector has a bright nickel finish over solid brass
  • These connectors terminate easily with the GEM-GET-CS Compression Tool
  • For quick wire prep, use the GEM-CST-1 wire stripper
  • One year manufacturer warranty


These connectors from Gem Electronics consist of a pin (male) plug and female jack. They use 2 coaxial cables and are nickel-plated which provides a durable connection for harsh environments. Compression seal adds moisture protection to the connector for a professional type connection every time.


Electrical Characteristics
Impedance 75 ohms nominal
Operating Frequency RCA: 0-1 GHz
V.S.W.R. 1-3:1 maximum
Working Voltage 500 VRMS @ sea level
Contact Resistance Outer Contact 0.2 Milliohms
  Center Contact 1.5 Milliohms
Insulating Resistance 5000 Megaohms minimum
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 1500 VRMS @ sea level


Brass QQ-B-626, Alloy 360, 1/2 Hard
QQ-B-613, Alloy CA260, 1/2 Hard
Beryllium Copper Alloy #25, Zamak QQ-2-363 Comp A
MIL-P-22748 & UL Approved


RCA Male Part Number Cable Color Code Cable O.D.
RCA Male
GEM-100-2CSTP RG59 PVC, Siamese & Plenum Type Brown 0.195 - 0.245
GEM-100-6CSTP RG6 Type Black  
GEM-100-610CSTP RG6 Plenum Type Gray  
GEM-100-6CSTP RG6 Quad Plenum Type Black  
GEM-100-6CSQSTP RG6 Dual / Tri / Quad Type Blue  


RCA Right Angle Male Part Number Cable Color Code Cable O.D.
RCA Right Angle Male
GEM-101-2CSTP RG59 PVC, Siamese & Plenum Type Brown .195 - .245
GEM-101-6CSTP RG6 Type Black  
GEM-101-6CSTP RG6 Quad Plenum Type Black  


RCA Female Part Number Cable Color Code Cable O.D.
RCA Female
GEM-125-2CSTP RG59 PVC, Siamese & Plenum Type Brown .195 - .245
GEM-125-6CSTP RG6 Type Black  
GEM-125-610CSTP RG6 Plenum Type Gray  
GEM-125-6CSTP RG6 Quad Plenum Type Black  
GEM-125-6CSQSTP RG6 Dual / Tri / Quad Type Blue  


1. Trim cable  as shown using strip tool P/N GST-1. Trim center conductor end at 45-degree angle.

coaxial cable trimmed and strip

2. Fold braid back.

*Note:  For quad shield cable cut off first foil and fold back second braid.

3. Mark cable as shown.

foil bent back and cable marked

4. Push connector onto cable twisting connector clockwise and counter clockwise until connector end meets or passes mark on cable.

connector pushed onto cable until mark

5. Make sure “RCA” die head is in crimp tool P/N GST-CS.

6. Nest cable and connector into crimp tool.

*Note: For right angle and female connectors use no die head.

cable with connector positioned into crimp tool

7. Squeeze handle. Crimp tool is ratcheted and will release when compression is completed.

squeezing crimp tool

8. Remove connector and cable from tool and give a pull (30 lbs) to assure proper termination.

finished cable with connector







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