IR & White Light Illuminators

A security camera isn't going to do you much good if there's no visibility in the area you want to keep under surveillance. In low-light or night-time applicatons, an Illuminator is a great way to ensure your footage is as clear and useful as possible in the event you need to actually put it to use. We feature IR illuminators for infra-red applications, and White Light options for bright, full color illumination of your recorded area. We also feature mounting accessories to make your lighting set-up easier.

Using Illuminators to Enhance Your Security

Security and surveillance is important for everyone to have, from a home owner to a business owner and everyone in between. Security cameras are built to be able to identify images in some level of darkness. However, to truly make sure you are getting a clear image, it is important to use IR and White Light Illuminators.

Different Types of Illuminators

In the event you need to use your footage, having the right lighting is key. In the case of our IR CCTV Series LED Illuminator, we aren't talking about flood lights that will come on and scare the criminal away. This Illuminator is designed to create light for the camera and it's recording that is invisible to the naked eye. It also comes in a wide variety of angles and ranges so you can view exactly what you need to view.


The PoE Series IR LED Illuminator has the same covert and discreet illumination system, and it is also weatherproof so that you can use it for years outdoors. In is designed for use with PoE network cameras and has simple and clear installation. This illuminator provides a picture so clear it looks like it was taken in the middle of the day, when it was really taken at night. It can also record action up to 312 ft away in the roughest conditions.


The white light illuminator is different from the IR illuminators because it shines a visible bright white light that illuminates up to 643 feet. While IR models use subtle lighting and work discreetly, the bright illumination of this one actually serves as a deterrent to criminals and vandals all by itself. This way, you can prevent a crime from happening before it is too late.


To install everything correctly, you'll need mount brackets and tools, all of which we carry as well. Depending on what your needs are, illuminators are a great choice for upping the quality of your security and surveillance system.