Analog Tester - Model 630

The Industry Standard for Laboratory, Bench and Field Testing


What's special about this analog tester ?

  • Single range switch to help reduce chance of operator error
  • Diode overload protection and 2 fuse arrangement
  • Mirrored scale to reduce parallax error
  • Decibel function for audio work
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Analog Tester
Part # IMG Type Length Width Depth Weight Price
TR-3030 Classic VOM - 25 ranges 10" L 6.25" W 4.5" D 3.8 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
Part # IMG Description Weight Price
TR-79-127 48" Test leads w/ insulated screw-on alligator clips 0.5 lb
Manufacturer Direct
TR-79-374 48" Test leads w/ insulated screw-on alligator clips (female jack) 0.5 lb
Manufacturer Direct
  • All ranges are fuse protected
  • Thermoset plastic case
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 25 Ranges and Functions
  • Glass meter window for added chemical resistance
  • Two input jacks to help minimize error
  • AC Voltage frequency response to 40KHz typical
  • Resistance measurement of 30V / 100M on Rx100K range for testing insulation

    DC Voltage 6 (3000mV to 600V)
    1.5% full scale
    AC Voltage 5 (3V to 600V)
    3% full scale
    5KΩ / Volt
    AC Output Voltage Measurement
    DC Current 4 (0.6mA to 0.12A)
    1.5% full scale
    Resistance 5 (1KΩ to 100MΩ)
    1.5% full scale
    dB Ranges 5 (-20dBm to +57dBm)
    Total Ranges / Functions 25


    Meter Protection Diode Meter Protection
    Fuse 2A / 600V
    1A / 250V


    High Accuracy Yes
    Mirrored Scale Yes
    Optional AC Clamp-On Model 10 (60-211)


    Battery 1 - 30V, 1 - D-Cell
    (H x W x D)
    3.3 x 5.5 x 7.5 in.
    Weight 5 lbs.
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