GREENLEE GL-761 Two-Hand Ratchet Cable Cutter

An Excellent Ratchet Cutter for Your Large Cable Cutting Needs


What's special about this cable cutter?

  • Blades release so you can open during a cut
  • Increased leverage from two handed function
  • Easy to use for cutting through large cables
  • Long life blades are made of heavy duty forged steel
  • Compact size makes it ideal for use in small spaces
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The Greenlee GL-761 Two-handed Ratchet cable cutter is a single speed ratchet that has blades which open mid cut if necessary. It is an excellent ratchet choice for your large cable cutting needs. The two handed operation ensures increased leverage and facilitates large cable cutting jobs. The blade is made of heavy duty forged steel and the handles are made of fiberglass with rubber grips to ensure the cutter does not slip.

Part #DescriptionPrice
GL-761Two-Hand Ratchet Cable Cutter
Manufacturer Direct
  • Ratchet mechanism is single speed
  • Fits neatly in your tool belt or storage bin
  • This cutter requires two handed operation
  • One year manufacturer warranty


Copper Cutting Capacity 1000 kcmil (MCM) [500 mm²]
Aluminum Cutting Capacity 1000 kcmil (MCM) [500 mm²]
Communications Cable Cutting Capacity 1-1/8" dia. [28 mm²]
Length 10.75" [273mm]
Weight 3.6 lbs [1.6 kg]





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