360 Electrical® PowerCurve® and Revolve Surge Protectors

Stylish, Convenient, Full-Featured Power and Protection for Your Home or Office


What's special about these stylish power strips?

  • Contains up to 5 AC outlets and 2 USB outlets for powering and charging your electronic devices.
  • Each AC input rotates infinitely to accommodate large plugs situated directly next to each other.
  • In the event of a surge, power to all outlets will be cut off to protect your devices.
  • Ideal for charging your mobile phones, E-readers, and other mobile media devices and powering standard devices in the home or office.
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PowerCurve™ Surge Protectors by 360 Electrical® provide the looks and functionality you need for today electronic functionality acting as a smart phone outlet. Choose between a travel model with USB ports, a full strip with AC and USB ports, and a standard model with only AC ports. Each model features a modern curvy look that will compliment any décor.
The Revolve is a 4 360° outlet and 2 USB plug adapter featuring an easy plug and use design, with an optional wall mount screw. The adapter features typical receptacle dimensions, so it is sure to fit all standard size electrical plugs and sockets. Up to 6 devices can be plugged in simultaneously. The built in ground and surge protector will ensure the safety of your equipment in the case of an electrical power surge.

Image Part # Description Price
36051PowerCurve 6 Outlet Surge Protector, White
36052PowerCurve+ 5 Outlet Surge Protector, White
36053PowerCurve Home and Mobile Surge Protector
Image Part # Description Price
36037Revolve 4 Oulet Surge Protector, White

The 36053 provide 1A per outlet, good for most tablets and phones (except the iPad). Be sure to check your device before ordering.

  • Powercurve
    • 3 different models to suit the needs of your varying applications:
      • PowerCurve Mobile: Contains 2 AC outlets and 2 USB outlets, and features a fold-in plug for safe, convenient traveling.
      • PowerCurve 6 Outlet: Contains 5 AC outlets to power and charge your standard devices.
      • PowerCurve 7 Outlet: The most versatile in the series, this unit contains 5 AC outlets and 2 USB outlets for powering standard devices and mobile devices.
    • 15A overload circuit breaker delivers fast and easy recovery from surges, reducing overall downtime.
    • Front facing design offers the convenience of plugging your devices in head on, making this a great desktop power strip.
  • Revolve
    • Powers devices even while being rotated.
    • Copper blade and ground contacts provide safety.
    • Fits same dimensions as typical receptacle.
    • Rotating outlets accommodate large plugs.


  36052 36053 36051 36037
Outlets 5 AC, 2 USB 2 AC, 2 USB 6 AC 4 AC
Power Rating 15A/120V/1800W 15A/120V/1800W 15A/120V/1800W 15A/120V/1800W
USB Current 2.1A 2.1A N/A N/A
Surge Protection 2160 Joules 918 Joules 1800 Joules 918 Joules
Maximum Spike Current 72,000A 36,000A 72,000A 36,000A
Clamping Voltage 1200V 1200V 500V 1200V
Frequency (EMI/RFI Noise Filter) 150 kHZ ~ 100MHZ 150 kHZ ~ 100MHZ 150 kHZ ~ 100MHZ 150 kHZ ~ 100MHZ
Attenuation (EMI/RFI Noise Filter) Up to 40 dB Up to 40 dB Up to 40 dB Up to 40 dB
Warranty $150,000 $100,000 $100,000 $100,000
Industry Standards UL 1363
UL 1449
UL 1310
UL 1363
UL 1449
UL 498
Dimensions 1.75" H x 10.75" W x 2" D
(4.44 x 27.30 x 5.08 cm)
1.75" H x 4.75" W x 2" D
(4.44 x 12.06 x 5.08 cm)
1.75" H x 10.75" W x 2" D
(4.44 x 27.30 x 5.08 cm)
3.5" H x 5.3" W x 1.2" D
(8.8 x 13.5 x 30.6 cm)
Weight 1.5 lb (0.68 kg) 0.5 lb (0.22 kg) N/A N/A
Patent Numbers 7,125,256


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