Current Connection: Protect Your PC and Keep the Juice Flowing With Advanced Surge Protectors

BY: Noah Davis


Sooner or later you'll have to plug in. The latest desktop and laptop computers may be capable of wireless connection to the Internet and each other, but they will always – eventually – need to be plugged in for power. A new generation of surge protectors now delivers the highest degree of protection and convenience to the modern, tech-savvy family.

Tripp-Lite professional UPSOnce you plug in your computer, the biggest threat to it isn’t the latest virus; it’s a sudden spike of electricity flowing to the power source. Normally, your PC’s internal power source can monitor and level out the electrical flow from the wall socket, but a sudden lightning strike or downed power line can easily overwhelm that line of defense, and send a fatal wave of electricity to your computer’s vulnerable motherboard.

Thus it’s imperative that you protect your computing investment with a high-quality surge protector. A good basic choice is the Tripp Lite Surge Protector for Home Theater & Audio Power, which offers reliable, state-of-the-art protection not just for your computer but for your modem, fax, or phone, as well. Essential on any surge protector, it also has an on-board LED, letting you know the status of the protector (many protectors can be rendered useless by repeated surges.)

Tripp Lite surge suppressorIf you have a media center PC hooked up to your HD flat screen in your living room, though, you’ll need the extra protection offered by the Tripp Lite’s Home/Business Theater Surge Suppressor. It offers advanced protection to prevent damaging surges up to 3345 joules—we’re talking serious protection. In addition to avoiding damage to the units, this surge protector filters noise from the signal to allow your electronics perform at their peak, leading to sharper video and longer life of your components. These are ideal for home theaters with HDTVs, satellite, DVD/CD players, and A/V receivers, and features sliding safety covers.

Tripp Lite ISOBAR Surge SuppressorsFor maximum protection, the line of Tripp Lite ISOBAR Surge Suppressors just can’t be beat. Not only does the surge rating increase to a maximum of 5700 joules, they are guaranteed not to fail to the tune of $500,000 for the life of the product. Isobar surge suppressors can be used to protect AC, telephone/modem, audio/video, rack mount, hospital and 230 Volt applications.

Power Strip Liberator - SingleOf course, many peripherals these days come with A/C adapter plugs that just aren’t power protector friendly. With bulky plastic housings, they often block the next outlet on the strip. For that we highly recommend the Power Strip Liberator. A simple design, it’s basically a grounded 1-foot extension cord that allows you to use ALL of the outlets on any surge protector.

You’ve already made the investment for the latest technology: these next-generation surge protectors simply protect that investment. Think of it as technology insurance that you simply can’t (and shouldn’t) live without.