Tripp-Lite ISOBAR® Surge Suppressors



What's special about Isobar surge suppressors?

  • Protects AC, telephone/modem, audio/video, rack mount, hospital and 230 Volt applications
  • Include isolated filter banks, sine wave tracking, phone-line surge suppression and fire-safe
  • All-metal housings
  • Up to 5700-joule rating
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Tripp Lite Isobar Surge Suppressors provide superior protection to any of your home, office and theater systems. Isobar surge suppressors include isolated filter banks, sine wave tracking, phone-line surge suppression and fire-safe, all-metal housings. Isolated filter banks allow the amount of noise received by units to be significantly decreased by using multiple locations to cancel any outside interference.

Part #DescriptionOutletsPower CordRatingOther PortsPrice
TL-MT6PLUSIsobar Touch Master Plus Surge Suppressor610 FT Cord1,790 Joule(1) Modem/Fax
Manufacturer Direct

  TL-MT6PLUS Features:



The sine wave tracking is important to protect components from a surge when the waveform is at its lowest point of the wave. Surges at this point of the waveform can produce destructive voltage. The sine wave tracking uses ferrite rod-core inductors to closely track the sine waveform and provide consistent high level of protection regardless of where the surge occurs in reference to the waveform. Tripp Lite Isobar surge protection devices have been lab tested and trusted in the field for 25 years and hold the highest protection ratings and most durable housing guaranteed up to $500,000 for the life of the product. Isobar surge suppressors can be used to protect AC, telephone/modem, audio/video, rack mount, hospital and 230 Volt applications.


Voltage Compatibility 120 VAC
Frequency Compatibility 50/60 Hz
Ouput Volt Amp Capacity (amps) 15
Output Watts 1800
Outlet Quantity / Type 6 NEMA 5-15R
Input Connection Type NEMA 5-15P input plug
Input Cord Length 10 ft [3 m]
Recommended Electrical Service 120V (110 - 125V)
Diagnostic LEDs Protection Present (green), Line Fault (red), Low Voltage (yellow), Line OK (green)
Switches Includes 5 front panel switches - MASTER SWITCH controls all output receptacles (except the one marked "unswitched"), INDIVIDUAL OUTLET switches control 4 individual output receptacles
Protection Modes Includes full normal mode (H-N) and common mode (N-G / H-G) line surge suppression
AC Suppression Joule Rating 1790 joules
Clamping Voltage (RMS) 140V
AC Suppression Response Time NM = 0 ns
CM =< 1 ns
AC Suppression Surge Current Rating 132,000 amps
AC Suppression Components Used Metal oxide varistors, toroidal balance chokes and VHF capacitors
Safe Thermal Fusing Prevents unsafe conditions during extreme extended over voltages and catastrophic occurences
UL1499 Let-Through Rating 330V - UL Verified
IEEE 587 Cat.A Ringwave Let-Through Less than 35 volts
EMI/RFI Filtering 40-80 dB
Immunity Conforms to IEEE 587 / ANSI C62.41
Telephone/DSL Protection Yes
Telephone/DSL Protection Details 1 line
Cable (Coax) Protection No
Network (Ethernet) Protection No
Unit Dimensions 2" H x 13.5" W x 12.5" D [5.1cm x 34.3cm x 31.8cm]
Material of Construction Plastic
Form Factors Supported Supports under monitor placement as a power control center for an entire PC system with peripherals
Receptacle Color Black
AC Line Cord Color Black
Style Under monitor
UL 1449 1998 Rev (AC Suppression) UL1449
UL 1283 (EMI Filter) UL1283
UL 1363 (Power Tap) UL1363
UL 497A (Communications) UL497A
FCC Part 68 (Communications) FCC Part 68
cUL / CSA (Canada) cUL
Industry Canada (Communcations) Industry Canada
Approvals Exceeds IEEE 587 category A&B specifications
Product Warranty Lifetime
Connected Equipment Insurance (USA & Canada Only) $100,000






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