Cables To Go UXGA Monitor Splitters and Extenders

Simultaneously Display an Image Multiple Times from your PC


What's special about these VGA output splitters?

  • Display’s the same image on up to 8 monitors using a single PC, or daisy chain multiple splitters together for almost endless expansion
  • Boost high resolution video signal up to 210 ft away, ideal for large trade show , expos, and auditoriums
  • No complicated interface card or software required, simply plug-n-play multiple monitors and VGA cables instantly
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Cables To Go® 2, 4, or 8-Way VGA Splitters allow you to send clear, high resolution images to multiple monitors for performing teaching seminars, trade show presentations, point-of-sale references, and much more! These VGA monitor splitters also act as an extender for boosting video signal up to 210 feet away with a maximum resolution of up to 1920 x 1440 pixels at 80 Hz, ideal for large events, airline and train schedules, or stock market displays.

Part #DescriptionMale Input Female OutputsPrice
CTG-29550Cables To Go 2-Port UXGA, VGA Monitor Splitter/Extender12
Manufacturer Direct
CTG-29551Cables To Go 4-Port UXGA, VGA Monitor Splitter/Extender14
Manufacturer Direct
CTG-29552Cables To Go 8-Port UXGA, VGA Monitor Splitter/Extender18
Manufacturer Direct
  • Power-Saving mode protects information in situations were the VGA single is momentarily lost
  • HD15 male input and HD15 female output connectors are color-coded from each other for easily recognizable connection in environments with poor lighting or require fast paced installation
  • Durable all-metal housing provides added protection for withstanding hectic environments, such as class rooms and data centers
  • LED indicator light provides visual confirmation the splitter is receiving power and activity from the display source
  • Compatible with XGA, SVGA, VGA, and multi-sync monitors, such as CRTs, LCDs, and projectors
  • 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty


Applications and Common uses:

  • In-store product merchandising
  • Public broadcast systems
  • Public information display services
  • Test Bench facilities
  • Data and Call Centers
  • Demos
  • Teaching Seminars
  • Classroom Teaching
  • Schedule Displays for Transportation
  • Monitor testing
  CTG-29550 CTG-29551 CTG-29552
Video Bandwidth: 350 MHz 350 MHz N/A
Maximum Resolution: 1920 x 1440 pixels at 80 Hz 1920 x 1440 pixels at 80 Hz 1920 x 1440 pixels at 80 Hz
Input: One HD15 Male One HD15 Male One HD15 Male
Output: Two HD15 Female Four HD15 Female Eight HD15 Female
Size: 7.25in x 0.75in x 3.25in 7.25in x 0.75in x 3.25in 7.75in x 1.75in x 3in
Contents: One video splitter One video splitter One video splitter
One power adapter One power adapter One power adapter
User manual User manual User manual

Please Note: The term "extender" refers to the product's ability to extend the distance of your cable runs to 210 feet. It does not mean the product provides "extended desktop" functionality, or the ability to view different information on each of your monitors.


VGA Resolution Guide

Connection Type Display Mode Intended Resolution
VGA VGA 640x480
VGA SVGA 800x600
VGA XGA 1024x768
VGA SXGA 1280x1024
VGA UXGA 1600x1200


Choose the optimum resolution for your system to ensure the best fit. Determine the intended resolution for the monitor you have, and then choose a cable that best matches that resolution. Don't just consider price; you should also base your decision upon product use and the environment it is located.

  • Are you connecting a monitor for your desk, a projector for presentations, etc.? For desk monitors, SXGA or SVGA cables should be sufficient.
  • Is it a critical connection that can be prone to EMI and RFI interference that can affect picture quality? Then choose our Pro Series UXGA monitor cables that use ferrites for superior protection against EMI and RFI.
  • Is installation an issue such that a break-away capability will save installation time? Then choose our SXGA Break-Apart cables that are designed for easy installation.
  • If you need CMP-rated plenum cable to pass fire safety regulations, use our SXGA Plenum Cables or SVGA Bulk Plenum cable for installation within walls and air plenums without the conduit.







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