Ortronics SERIES II® Connector Modules

Wide Variety of Connections at the Tip of Your Fingers


What's special about these connection chips by Ortronics?

  • Compatible with the Ortronics SERIES II plates these removable connectors allow for less intrusive additions, moves or changes to your wiring scheme.
  • Rugged snap-in design insures a long lasting or for multiple installations which saves you money.
  • Most connectors are F/F termination so you can plug n’ play taking the difficulty and time out of installing custom wiring configurations.
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Setting up a custom access or extension point has never been easier with these Ortronics connector modules. Constructed from high impact thermoplastic, these connecting chips for workstations are made to last. Create your own faceplate by choosing the modules that you need for your installation.

BNC & F Connectors
Part # Image Connections Exit Angle Termination Unit Spaces Price
OR-60900019 Ortronics SERIES II® Connector Modules OR-60900019 Two BNC Connectors (Coax) - 50 ohm 180° F/F Coupler 1
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Blank Modules
Part # Image Connections Unit Spaces Price
OR-40300144 Ortronics SERIES II® Connector Modules OR-40300144 Blank Module 0.5
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OR-40300164 Ortronics SERIES II® Connector Modules OR-40300164 Blank Module 1
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  • Available in coupler or solder termination to suit your job.
  • Blank modules available to compliment the look of your application.
  • Constructed of high impact thermo-plastic to ensure long life.
  • Compliment ORTRONICS single and double gang SERIES II  plastic faceplates for an easy custom solution.
  • Fire Rating 94V-0
  • Connectors:
    1. BNC
    2. F Connector
    3. RCA / Phono (2 & 3)
    4. Mini DIN / S-Video
    5. VGA

  • BNC Connector Specification Drawings
  • OR-60900019 - 2 BNC Connector Coupler 180° Specification Drawing PDF PDF

  • RCA/Phono Specification Drawings
  • OR-60900315 - 2 RCA/Phono Connectors Solder Termination Specification Drawing PDF PDF

  • Blank Modules, Mini DIN Coupler, VGA Feedthrough Specification Drawings
  • OR-40300144 - Blank Module 1/2 U Specification Drawing PDF PDF
  • OR-40300164 - Blank Module 1U Specification Drawing PDF PDF
  • OR-60900074 - Mini DIN Coupler F/F Specification Drawing PDF PDF
  • OR-60900270 - Female VGA DB15 Feedthrough F/F Specification Drawing PDF PDF

    BNC & F Connectors
    OR-60900019 Two BNC Connectors (Coax) - 50 ohm 0.92" H x 1.90" W x 1.51" D
    RCA/Phono Connectors
    Blank Modules
    OR-40300144 Blank Module 0.47" H x 1.90" W x 0.59" D
    OR-40300164 Blank Module 0.93" H x 1.90" W x 0.59" D
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