Secure Power Cords without Dulling Your Decor with Stylish Power Outlets



Whether you are building or remodeling a home or office, a major concern you may have is the power outlets and how and where they will be installed in each room of the home. Not only will you be concerned about the quantity of outlets and covers but also how stylish they look with your décor.

Stylish Cable Covers
safcord cable coverTo protect your cables and avoid tripping hazards in your home or office, you can use Safcord Cord Covers. These are stylish cable covers for securing cables to carpet without damaging the carpet. These types of stylish cable covers are ideal for stairs and hallways in your home and the work areas in your office. They are durable, washable, and reusable.

Stylish Power Outlets
The Power Squid has been called a very cool and stylish power outlet that allows you to plug in five devices at once. It provides good protection and is the perfect size for computer equipment, home appliances, and even holiday decorations.

Stylish Desk Outlet
If you are looking for a modernistic desk outlet, the Miniport Power Data Center will provide the power distribution you need. It is available in a variety of molded colors along with a neat design and a soft touch finish. The Belkin Concealed Surge Protector not only keeps your cables hid but also provides surge protection. Its unique design, which features a closing cover for keeping your cords and cables out of sight, will enhance your office décor.

Hiding Wires with Style
cable turtleFor keeping excess wires such as your keyboard cables, mouse cable, and phone cable out of sight you can use the Cable Turtle or Cababo Cable Box.  Both of these products have neat designs that will add style to your desk.

Bundle Your Cables with Style
Wrapping your cables neatly in a bundle is a great solution for hiding your cables. This can be done with wire looms, which are fashionable cable covers that come in various colors to match any room’s décor. The wire loom covers are easy to install and provide great protection for cables in both your home and office.

Stylish Cable Management for the Holidays
A great way to keep the Christmas lights on your tree from dangling and attracting your pet is to secure the wires with Cable Wrapz.  They are available in different sizes and can be used outdoors as well as indoors since they are weather resistant.  These also enhance your holiday décor by keeping unpleasant wires of sight.

transparent cord coverFor outdoors during the holidays, you can brighten up your front yard by using the Transparent Cord Protector for your Christmas decorations. The Transparent Cord Protector is a very stylish cable cover to protect your Christmas lights that run across your walkway. It will also add holiday spirit to your yard decor by adding a glowing effect.

Finding stylish power outlets and cord covers to match your décor should not be a problem with all the products available for you to choose from.  You can decorate with ease of mind for every season and keep your cords safe from damage!

Other Great Products for Cable Management and Home Decor Include: