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Animal Clips

A Great Way to Add Some Fun to Your Home or Workspace


What's special about these Animal Clips?

  • All-purpose cable holders
  • Adds personality and charm to any dull workspace./li>
  • Organizes your cables thereby protecting your equipment.
  • Hook and loop attachment for versatility and eaily removable
  • 30 designs to choose from
  • Kids love them! A great way to make your kids organize their gadgets
  • Can be used for USB flash drives, cables, ear bud headphones, etc...
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Animal Clips add personality and charm to any dull office workspace while organizing your cables. Simply attach an animal clip to your computer monitor or other flat surface and you now have a practical, yet whimsical way of holding onto your small computer cables.

Part # Description Price
AC-KIT Animal Utility Clips Kit
(Includes all 29 designs)
Manufacturer Direct
AC-2120 Pepper The Cow
Quick Ship
AC-2121 Fuzzy The Bear
Quick Ship
AC-2124 Tugboat The Rhino
Quick Ship
AC-2125 Lefty the Tiger
Quick Ship
AC-2127 Tiptoe The Elephant
Quick Ship
AC-2128 Rolo The Hippo
Quick Ship
AC-2130 Prince The Frog
Quick Ship
AC-2131 Pogo The Monkey
Quick Ship
AC-2134 Oscar The Cat
Quick Ship
AC-2136 Squeaky The Mouse
Quick Ship
AC-2139 Hamhock The Hog
Quick Ship
AC-2140 Baloo The Gorilla
Quick Ship
AC-2141 Twinky The Cockatoo
Quick Ship
AC-2143 Spot The Cheetah
Quick Ship
AC-2146 Banzai The Raptor
Quick Ship
AC-2149 Pistol The Horse
Quick Ship
  • All-purpose clip
  • Removable
  • Attractive colors
  • Practical, functional way to liven up workspace
  • 30 designs to choose from
  • Strong rubber-based adhesive*
  • Hook and Loop attachment for versatility
  • *rubber-based adhesives will soften or melt if used in high temperatures

    Animal clips can be used to hold a USB flash drive, USB cable, ear bud headphones or other small cable. The strong rubber adhesive backing paired with hook and loop hold the animal clips in place, but allow you to easily remove and change your animal clip if needed. These clips are available in 30 different animal and dinosaur designs that you can change every day of the week.

    Height Width Depth Weight
    1" to 2" 1.5" 1.5" to 2" 0.03 lb

    The Animal Utility Clips Kit includes all 30 animals and is shipped in a 10" by 10" box.

    Animals Available:

  • Pepper the Cow
  • Fuzzy the Bear
  • Squiggle the Pig
  • Bamboo the Panda
  • Tugboat the Rhino
  • Lefty the Tiger
  • Spike the Wolf
  • Tiptoe the Elephant
  • Rolo the Hippo
  • Leroy the Lion
  • Prince the Frog
  • Pogo the Monkey
  • Sausage the Dog
  • Wishbone the Chicken
  • Oscar the Cat
  • Krusty the Rabbit
  • Squeaky the Mouse
  • Muffy the Sheep
  • Yo-Yo the Zebra
  • Hamhock the Hog
  • Baloo the Gorilla
  • Twinky the Cockatoo
  • Spot the Cheetah
  • Blubber the Whale
  • Chomp the Shark
  • Banzai the Raptor
  • Buster the Ormith
  • Rex the T-Rex
  • Pistol the Horse

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