How to Wire a Key Stone Jack


You've already run your telecom network's cross-connect cabling…now how will you terminate it into Keystone jacks? With our easy-to-follow wiring guide, you'll have your Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6 jacks wired, installed and ready to go in no time!


Experience Level: Advanced

Time Required: 5 - 10 minutes per jack

Steps: 10

Supplies: 2 Keystone jacks per cable, cable stripping tool, faceplate(s), Punch-down tool

Budget Estimate: $75 (for all supplies except cabling)


strip the jacket of the cableStrip approximately 1.5 inches of jacket from the twisted-pair cable.


separate the pairs and individual wires of cableSeparate the twisted wire pairs from each other; then untwist each pair. Straighten wire ends out as much as possible.


get the jack ready for the wiresRemove the jack's protective cap.


check which configuration for the wires into the jackOnce the cap has been removed, you'll notice that there are wire configurations printed near the termination slots. If you are given a choice between “A” and “B” configurations, choose whichever one you'd like, just be sure to remember which one you're using when it comes time to terminate the cable's other end with a jack! Configurations must be the same at both ends of the network cabling.


slide the color coded wires into the jackPlace all 8 wires into the center of the jack; from there, divert the wires into their correct slots, pressing them as far down into the termination slots as they will go. Excess wire length will be extending out of the sides of the jack.


punch each wire with a punchdown toolIt's easiest to punch down wires if you do one side of the jack at a time. Make sure that the punchdown tool'sCut” side is aligned with the outer edge of the jack, and that the jack assembly is resting on a hard, sturdy surface that is able to withstand force.
To punch down each wire, press down on the punchdown tool until you hear a loud click and simultaneous, metallic-sounding “ping”. These noises are indicators that the punch-down has been done correctly; if you don't hear them, you'll know that the punchdown hasn't been successful.


check the wires in their slotsCheck the quality of the punches. Inspect each termination slot along the outer edge of the jack; each wire should be firmly anchored at the bottom of its slot, and the wires' copper conductors will be visible.


insert the cover back onto the jackSnap the jack's cover back on, over the wires.


insert the jack into the faceplateFirmly insert the jack assembly into the faceplate from the back; be sure that the jack's clip is facing up, so that it properly snaps into the faceplate port.


install the faceplate into the application or wallScrew the completed jack / faceplate assembly into the wall.


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