Arlington Industries Dri-Box® Weatherproof Outlet Covers

Weatherproof Your Outdoor Electrical Connections


What's special about this electrical box and cover?

  • Weatherproof, single piece, recessed electrical box ideal for flat surfaces in existing construction
  • Recessed feature means you install the box into the wall, so less of the device is visible
  • Meets 2005 NEC Section 406-8, which sets the standard for protection of exterior weatherproof while-in-use cover for all outdoor 15 or 20 AMP receptacles
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ULCSA Approved

These Dri-Box Adapters® are easy to install and maintain. The cover snaps right into place and provides a weatherproof fit protecting your valuable electrical components.; Arlington's DRI-BOX® Adapter is equipped with both standard duplex and GFCI plates for versatility and added convenience however you can use them with any standard plastic or metal wall plate. These units meets OSHA lockout/tagout requirements as long as you use a standard padlock.

Dri-Box® Adapter w/ Non-Metallic Base Single Gang *
Part #Horizontal Or Vertical MountColorSizeDimensionWeightPrice
AI-DBPV1Vertical MountWhiteSmall6.313" x 3.375" x 2.940"0.44 lb
Manufacturer Direct
AI-DBPV1CVertical MountClearSmall6.313" x 3.375" x 2.940"0.44 lb
Quick Ship
AI-DBPH1Horizontal MountWhiteSmall4.000" x 5.685" x 2.940"0.438 lb
Quick Ship
AI-DBPH1CHorizontal MountClearSmall4.000" x 5.685" x 2.940"0.432 lb
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*: Includes (1) standard duplex and (1) GFCI face plate

Dri-Box® Adapter w/ Non-Metallic Base Dual Gang
Part #Horizontal Or Vertical MountColorSizeDimensionWeightPrice
AI-DBP2Vertical MountWhiteMedium6.313" x 5.250" x 2.940"0.484 lb
Quick Ship
AI-DBP2CVertical MountClearMedium6.313" x 5.250 "x 2.940"0.642 lb
Quick Ship
AI-DBP21DVertical MountWhiteLarge6.313" x 5.250" x 4.175"0.574 lb
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AI-DBP21DCVertical MountClearLarge6.313" x 5.250" x 4.175"0.55 lb
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  • Cover and base are constructed from non-metallic composites
  • Accepts most single gang wiring devices
  • Compatible with standard indoor wall plates or a GFCI cover plate
  • UV rated plastic for long last and dependability
  • You can remove the cover for added convenience
  • Protect your electrical components from rain and snow
  • No gaskets required for installation
  • Comes in smoke or clear and vertical as well as horizontal configurations
  • These devices allow you to have electrical connections anywhere in your garden or yard without any worry or fear or weather damage
  • You must bury wiring in approved conduit if you are running wires outside for safety
  • One year warranty


Dri Box Adapter Horizontal dimension AI-DBPV1* White 6.313" 6.313" 2.940"
AI-DBPV1C* Clear 6.313" 6.313" 2.940"
AI-DBPH1* White 4.000" 6.313" 2.940"
AI-DBPH1C* Clear 4.000" 6.313" 2.940"
AI-DBP2 White 6.313" 5.250" 2.940"
AI-DBP2C Clear 6.313" 5.250" 2.940"
AI-DBP21D White 6.313" 5.250" 4.175"
AI-DBP21DC Clear 6.313" 5.250" 4.175"
This adapter will accept any wiring device and standard size wall plate.
* Includes (1) standard duplex and (1) GFCI face plate.

Installation Instructions -
Remove the cover by expanding ear tabs over the pivot pins. To replace the cover, simply snap over the pivot pins.
Note: It is not required to remove the cover for installation.

Dri Box installation drawing





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Questions & Answers


Dimensions of outlet hole - We will be fitting this over an ethernet cable box so we need to know the dimensions of the square hole on the back?

Asked by Anonymous user on 03.26 PM Wednesday, 23 July, 2014

  • - Thank you for your question. This product is made to fit over any standard outlet whether is Ethernet cable or electrical.

    Fernando M. on 04.24 PM Wednesday, 23 July, 2014

I need to be able to lock the box. It looks like a padlock can be fitted onto the lower right corner of the box, effectively stopping someone from opening the box. Is that correct? If so, what is the diameter of the hole?

Asked by Anonymous user on 06.49 PM Wednesday, 02 August, 2017

  • - You are able to use a standard padlock to lock the box.

    andrew b. on 01.51 PM Monday, 21 August, 2017

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