Super Bowl Home Theater Solutions from CableOrganizer®

By: CableOrganizer®


When the Super Bowl rolls around every year, you’ll want to make sure the party you're hosting has everything you need to enjoy the half time show and commercials properly — and of course, the game itself.

Does your home theater cable management setup do your TV justice? Read on to find out about everything you'll need to make sure you're ready for kickoff.


Let's take a quick step backward. Before you start organizing your cables, you first want to make sure you have the right cables for the organizing. Maybe you've got a simple set up with no extra cables required. If your cable needs are more complex, we've got you covered. We offer a broad range of audio and video cables including HDMI®, speaker and home theater cables, component cables, and more. We even stock Taperwire® flat coaxial cable, which can be installed with adhesive backing along walls, or under flooring, as a streamlined wiring solution. Should you need some coverage for wires if flat coaxial cable isn’t an option, invest in some cord covers.


Here at CableOrganizer®, we are knowledgeable about all the resources available for properly organizing and protecting cables. The reality is, many people are dealing with a big, tangled, mass of cords behind their entertainment center, typically forgotten about until something needs to be unplugged or moved. This isn't the way it has to be. There are a ton of products available to help you bundle, separate, direct, and just generally control all your cables.

One of them is cable raceway. There are lots of products that fall under the raceway banner, but the term basically applies to any channel that allows you to run cables through for the purpose of managing them. Most raceway features easy do-it-yourself installation, including adhesive backing to easily stick it to any smooth surface. You can cut it to nearly any size and paint it to match your surrounding décor.

Raceway isn't even the only product for wrangling out-of-control cables. Other options include braided sleeving, clips of all kinds, cable ties, VELCRO® ONE-WRAP® cable wrap, and many others.

In fact, we have included many of these in our Home Theater Wire Management Kit. This kit has items handpicked by our experts to organize your home theater setup, with a significant savings for purchasing this bundle, rather than buying each item separately. It includes a raceway kit, F6® split braided sleeving, cable clips, cable ties, and a handy label printer to keep track of which cables go where. What's not to love?


Now that you've successfully managed taming your wires, it’s time to plug them in. Plugging them into multiple outlets could disorganize and reverse what you have put into place. It can additionally create dangerous electrical conditions. Set up a Tripp-Lite Surge Suppressor instead, which features 10 outlets for all your needs, from ones for power, to communication ports. For the pure connoisseur, check out our Furman® Sound Classic Series Power Conditioner. This unit provides surge protection within eight AC outlets, featuring Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP), Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT), and Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS).


So, now that you've got your cables, your cable management systems, and places to plug everything in, it’s time for a solution where you can place all your equipment. Storing your items in an efficient professional home theater rack keeps them neat and provides optimal airflow and ventilation to keep them properly functioning. They are fully configured cabinets to house your audio systems, receivers, and other equipment. The Middle Atlantic® Home Theater Slide Out Rotating Rail System Rack can hold up to 300 pounds worth of equipment on a rotating equipment bay that locks into place at 0°, 60°, and 90°.

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