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What's special about this speaker cable?


UL listed in a CL2R – CMR-MPR jacket, our cable is PVC insulated with sequential foot markings for your installation convenience. As with our premier speaker cable the cable is constructed with inner tissue paper for easy stripping of the cable. Our UL listed speaker cable is a great value for anyone installing home theater or speaker sound systems with a quality, without pushing your budget to the limit. We offer several conductor/gauge wire and multi stranding speaker cables to meet your indoor speaker installation requirements.

Part #Conductor / Gauge (Awg)StrandingLengthColorsPrice
HTBC-16-2SP-500FT2 conductor / 16 gauge26500 FTBlue, White
Manufacturer Direct
HTBC-16-2SP-1000FT2 conductor / 16 gauge261,000 FTPurple, Blue, White
Manufacturer Direct
HTBC-16-2SP-65-1000FT2 conductor / 16 gauge651,000 FTPurple, White
Manufacturer Direct
HTBC-16-4SP-500FT4 conductor / 16 gauge26500 FTPurple, Blue, White
Manufacturer Direct
HTBC-16-4SP-65-500FT4 conductor / 16 gauge65500 FTPurple, White
Manufacturer Direct
HTBC-14-2SP-1000FT2 conductor / 14 gauge411,000 FTYellow
Manufacturer Direct
HTBC-14-4SP-500FT4 conductor / 14 gauge41500 FTYellow
Manufacturer Direct
  • Sequential foot markings for easy installations
  • Inner tissue paper for easy stripping
  • Available in the following:
    • 2 Conductor/16AWG 26 or 65 strand
    • 4 Conductor/16 AWG 26 or 65 strand
    • 2 Conductor/14 AWG 41 strand
    • 4 Conductor/24 AWG 41 strand
  • Purple, Blue, White, Yellow color PVC jacket depending on conductor/strand count


  • CL2R-CMR-MPR Jacket


Part # Conductor Gauge (AWG) Stranding Length Colors
HTBC-16-2SP-500FT 2 conductor 16 gauge 26 500 FT Blue, White
HTBC-16-2SP-1000FT 2 conductor 16 gauge 26 1000 FT Purple, Blue, White
HTBC-16-2SP-65-1000FT 2 conductor 16 gauge 65 1000 FT Purple, White
HTBC-16-4SP-500FT 4 conductor 16 gauge 26 500 FT Purple, Blue, White
HTBC-16-4SP-65-500FT 4 conductor 16 gauge 65 500 FT Purple, White
HTBC-14-2SP-1000FT 2 conductor 14 gauge 41 1000 FT Yellow
HTBC-14-4SP-500FT 4 conductor 14 gauge 41 500 FT Yellow






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