ASR-HD Series Heavy Duty Rotating Slide Out Shelving System

Combines the Functionality of a Professional Racking System with the Simplicity of Adjustable Shelves


What's special about this shelving system?

  • Mounts in-wall or in entertainment centers
  • Unit pulls out, rotates 60 degrees and locks in either direction for easy access to equipment connections.
  • Quick Position™ Easy index self-leveling shelves are simple to install and are adjustable in 3/4” increments.
  • Included cable organizer management system
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Tired of trying to find the input/output connections to your home entertainment system because you can't see behind your shelving system? Want to upgrade or replace an existing component? Don't get frustrated or injured reaching through your system trying to disconnect the appropriate cable. These award-winning shelves slide out and rotate to allow homeowners or professional installers easy access to components and wiring cables. Install these shelving systems in custom cabinetry, entertainment centers and in walls. Optional trim kits are available to complement any décor.

Shelving System
Part # IMG Opening
Total Shelves /
Adjustable Shelves
QMA-ASR-30-HD ASR-HD Series Rotating Slide Out Shelving 30" 21" 4/3 19" 150 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
QMA-ASR-42-HD ASR-HD Series Rotating Slide Out Shelving 42" 21" 6/5 19" 300 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
QMA-ASR-60-HD ASR-HD Series Rotating Slide Out Shelving 60" 21" 9/8 19" 350 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
  • Three sizes accommodate 4, 6 or 9 shelves
  • Slides are 14 gauge steel
  • High strength shelf mounting pins guaranteed not to snag.
  • Locking detent to protect millwork
  • Vented shelves and top for optimized thermal management.
  • Adjustable brackets on shelves secure components to prevent them from sliding backwards.
  • Self centering base to simplify and speed assembly.
  • Unit locks closed for safety (Locking panel included)
  • Attractive silver brushed shelf trim can be replaced and customized to match any finish.
  • Ships fully assembled to save installation time.
  • Up to a 350 lb. weight capacity
  • 3-year warranty
  • Proudly made in the USA USA

    Part # QMA-ASR-30-HD QMA-ASR-42-HD QMA-ASR-60-HD
    Overall Height 29-5/8" [753mm] 41-5/8" [1057mm] 59-5/8" [1515mm]
    Rough Opening Height 30" [762mm] 42" [1067mm] 60" [1524mm]
    Equipment Mounting Height * 24-4/5" [630mm] 36-4/5" [935mm] 54-4/5" [1392mm]
    Overall Width 21" [522mm] 21" [522mm] 21" [522mm]
    Rough Opening Width 21-1/16" [535mm] 21-1/16" [535mm] 21-1/16" [535mm]
    # of Shelves
    # of Adjustable Shelves
    Lowest Shelf Mounting Clearance 5-1/2" [140mm] 5-3/10" [135mm] 5-1/2" [140mm]
    Highest Shelf Mounting Clearance 5-3/10" [134mm] 5" [127mm] 5-1/5" [132mm]
    Rough Opening Min. Depth Recommended ** 23" [584mm] 23" [584mm] 23" [584mm]
    Maximum Useable Depth 19" [483mm] 19" [483mm] 19" [483mm]
    Weight Capacity 200 lbs [91 kg] 200 lbs [91 kg] 200 lbs [91 kg]
    Single Shelf Weight Capacity 65 lbs [29 kg] 65 lbs [29 kg] 65 lbs [29 kg]
    Required Milwork Weight Capacity 227 lbs [103 kg] 400 lbs [181 kg] 480 lbs [218 kg]

    * For each shelf used subtract 0.75" [19mm] from equipment mounting height
    ** Flush installlation to front of shelving system


  • Middle Atlantic ASR-HD Technical Specifications (PDF) PDF



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    Which dimension does the rough opening height refer to?

    Asked by Anonymous user on 12.08 PM Monday, 23 July, 2018

    • - Hello, It is the rough size of the opening. For example for part number QMA-ASR-30-HD the Rough Opening Height would be 30" while the Overall Height of the cabinet is 29-5/8" high I hope this helps

      Anonymous user on 11.18 AM Tuesday, 24 July, 2018

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