Organizing the Jungle Under your Desk

BY: Christina Hansen


jumble of cablesIn every office there is a creature that grows underneath each desk. A few cables and a couple of wires all of a sudden turn into a jungle, which is not just unsightly but also frustrating and has proven to be unsafe. How liberating would it be to look under your desk and not be horrified? Most of us want to clean it up, and have it look somewhat professional in the process, but where to begin?

What to do? How to do it? How much will it cost? How much time is it going to require? Is it possible to do it yourself?

Oh, the nuisance and trauma of it all!

'Whether it is in your home or office, that unpleasant clutter that forms beneath your desk is unwanted. However, most people like yourself do not know what to do with it, so again the question arises: where do you begin? Well, the reason began and still exists today is to deal with this particular problem, so this is a good place to start. There are actually a number of different products and solutions available to you.

cable tamerWhat can you do and how do you do it?
With the assortment of products available you can take control back from that little critter, as well as customize your cable and wire management system to your liking. If you want a little selection there is Wire Loom, which gives you different sizes, lengths, and colors. You can do your daughters desk using hot pink wire loom, while keeping the basic black or white for the office. The different sizes allow you to fit as many or as little wires as you require. Both products are relatively inexpensive and currently come with a FREE wire loom tool for easy installation. Bundling your cables and wires also allows for a safer working area, especially if you have younger children and/or pets around.

cable ties

A really helpful tip is to attach Cable Ties to your wire loom and then attach them to adhesive backed cable clips. You can have the cable clips form a path from underneath your desk and/or wall to your end destination. This allows you to manage where you want the cables to go. Since the cable-ties come in different lengths and colors, you can easily match them with your cable tamer and/or wire loom selection.Cable management

cable safe

If you want something already pre-designed for you with easy installation, try the Cable-safe. The cable-safe will lift that jungle right off the floor and keep it under control. It can organize the average working station which uses anywhere from twelve to fourteen cables, but if you have something a bit more complex you can always expand it to fit your needs. Add Velcro one-wraps in different colors to help you differentiate between cables, or to match your surrounding décor.

As for the installation, it is fairly self explanatory and trouble free for all of these products. Amazing . . . has it really always been this easy? Well, yes.

By Andrea Hurtado





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