Reusable Cable Zip Ties

Remove, Reposition & Reuse These Tie Wraps


What's special about these reusable zip ties?

  • Smooth, rounded edges do not cut insulation - or hands - and are comfortable to work with
  • Closely spaced positive-locking teeth allow these zip ties to be finely adjusted to fit cable bundles of all sizes
  • No metal parts; head and pawl are integrally molded for added strength and durability
  • Self-locking, one-piece, low-profile head conserves space
  • V-shaped raised ridges on bent tip give a sure grip and easy pull-up
  • Rounded tip for easier pickup, insertion and pull-up
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Why waste money and plastic with cable ties that must be cut (and ruined) when you remove them. With releasable cable ties, you can easily remove, reposition, and reuse them again and again. The built-in release mechanism means these reusable zip ties can save you lots of money in buying new ties, and eliminate the waste that arises from constantly discarding and replacing cut-off ties.
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Part #LengthWidthTensile StrengthPack QuantityColorPrice / Pack
CTRE-05-1005"0.31"50 lbs100Black, Clear
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CTRE-08-1008"0.31"50 lbs100Black, Clear
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CTRE-11-10011"0.31"50 lbs100Black, Clear
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  • General purpose nylon 6/6 is suitable for use in most practical applications at a continuous temperature up to 150°F
  • 5" cable ties are used to secure up to a 1-3/4" diameter cable bundle
  • 8" cable ties are used to secure up to a 2-1/4 " diameter cable bundle
  • 11" cable ties are used to secure up to a 3" diameter cable bundle
  • For additional lengths and tensile strengths, please call us. We carry the most popular sizes of cable ties in bulk
Maximum Bundle Diamters
4" Long Tie 3/4" Diameter
8" Long Tie 1-3/4" Diameter
11" Long Tie 4" Diameter


Material Continuous Operating Temperature Tensile Strength at 73° F Dry as molded ASTM D-638 UL Flame Rating
Nylon 6/6- General Purpose 185° F
85° C
-40° F
-40° C
12,000 PSI -


Oxygen Index % Gamma Radiation Resistance UV Resistance Military, Federal, & ASTM Specifications
28 1 x 100000 Rads Poor ASTM-D4066 PA111
FDA CFR 177.1500


Military Specifications

MIL-Spec Length Color
MS-3367-4-0 4 UV Black
MS-3367-4-9 4 Natural
MS-3367-4-2 4 Red
MS-3367-4-3 4 Orange
MS-3367-4-4 4 Yellow
MS-3367-4-5 4 Green
MS-3367-4-6 4 Blue
MS-3367-4-7 4 Purple
MS-3367-4-8 4 Gray
MS-3367-5-9 5.5 Natural


CTRE-05-100 5340-01-552-8186





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Questions & Answers


Do you have to cut the tail off with side cutters

Asked by Anonymous user on 11.57 AM Tuesday, 24 January, 2017

  • - Thank you for your question. You can "cut-to-size" so that you have the best fit in your installaion. Please call 866-222-0030 if you have any additional questions

    thiago t. on 08.32 AM Wednesday, 25 January, 2017

Does the color 'clear' have NO color:? Can I see through the 'clear' ties?

Asked by Anonymous user on 06.49 AM Saturday, 23 September, 2017

  • - Hello The color clear has no color. But it is not see through more of an opaque.

    Anonymous user on 10.09 AM Thursday, 28 September, 2017

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