Office Mod: Update Your Workspace in 5 Simple Steps

By: CableOrganizer®

A bright, spacious and aesthetically perfect minimalist office may not be in the cards for you but while you dream, why not make the most of what you have? Whether you’re working in a cubicle or from a spare room in your home, you can perk up your office décor and pare down the desktop clutter with a few organizational strategies and innovative products from CableOrganizer®. Maybe mod isn’t so out of reach after all.

step 1

ONE.Take your USB connection from drab to fab. If you’ve always thought that USB hubs are nothing special to look at, we’ve got a little something up our sleeve that is bound to make you change your mind. The WireRun® 5-Port USB Charger is packed with 40 watts of power in one 8 ounce compact charger. It lets you power up five USB-enabled devices at a time, complements your workspace perfectly, lets you charge various devices without separate outlets and is ideal for travel because of its small size.


step 2

TWO.Let your computer cables make a grand entrance. It’s a part of your workspace that you probably don’t often think about, but your desktop can always benefit from some snazzing up. There’s nothing wrong with standard black grommets per se, but they can be so, well… basic. On the other hand, the WireRun® Locking 2-Piece Metal Desk Grommet — with its polished chrome, brushed bronze or brushed nickel finish — is low profile with a unique elliptical shape that adds streamlined elegance and a modern edge to just about any desktop landscape.


step 3

THREE.Give your tablet, smartphone or laptop a lift. If most of your work is accomplished on a tablet, laptop or smartphone instead of a desktop, one of the best updates you can make to your work environment is a stand, like the BlueLounge® Mika Tablet Stand. This nifty universal fixture angles your tablet or smartphone for easy access and viewing. BlueLounge® also makes streamlined stands like the KickFlip® that can position your laptop ergonomically with a self-adhesive strip to reduce wrist stress, promote airflow under and around the computer and manage cables. See all the mobile and tablet accessories available on CableOrganizer® here.


step 4

FOUR.Organize cords around your office, taming one cable at a time, with Office Organization Kits. Our kits have all you need to organize cords around your workstation or desk, including the VELCRO® ONE-WRAP® General Purpose Cable Wraps, wire clips, WireMate™ Cord Organizer and Adhesive Cable Clips.



step 5

FIVE.The Middle Atlantic Products® Heavy Duty Rack Mount Drawers are easy-to-open, compact storage solutions with a small footprint, made entirely of heavy duty steel, to safely store your electronic media, including CDs, DVDs and similar items.



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