Tarpon™ 5-Port USB Hub

40 watts of power for all your charging needs


What's special about this USB charger?

  • This flexible, powerful charger can power up to 5 USB-enabled devices at 1 time.
  • Sleek, compact, and weighing a mere 8 oz to fit easily into any bag or case.
  • Great desktop solution to charge various devices without needing separate outlets.
  • Its small size means that its easy to pack and therefore ideal for travel, while remaining perfect for use at home and in the office.
  • Compact design that perfectly complements your desk or sideboard.
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This 5 port USB charging hub can conveniently charge up to five USB devices simultaneously, all while being small and unobtrusive. The charger, which is the size of a deck of cards, can fit on your desktop without taking up to much real estate or it can fit in a shirt pocket or purse to travel with you and help juice-up your devices.

Part # Description Dimensions Number of Ports Color Price
WR-USB5P 5-Port USB Charger 3.5"L x 2.28"W x 1.02"T 5 White, Black
  • Allows simultaneous charging of up to five USB devices.
  • As small and light as a pack of cards can fit into a pocket.
  • Suitable for many popular smartphones, tablets and more.
  • Portable easy to take along with you alomst anywhere.
  • A one stop solutions for all your charging needs.
  • Specifications  
    Length 3.5"L
    Width 2.28"L


    Weight 4.23oz (275g)
    Total Amps 8A
    Total Watts 40W
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