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Take a look at our selection of Butt Splices and End Caps that can be used as Heat Shrink Connectors, helping to seal and protect wire terminations. Butt splices can be crimped, soldered, or heat-shrunken onto the ends for a secure, waterproof and dustproof seal. Adhesive lined end caps provide a durable covering to protect and insulate against moisture, chemicals, abrasion and corrosion.

Heat Shrink Connectors and End Caps Seal and Protect Your Wire Terminations

When wires are terminated, they need to be protected and sealed. Heat shrink connectors do just that to provide long-term safety and security for wires that can otherwise succumb to the elements and other dangers like dust, chemicals, and abrasion. There are a few different types of heat shrink available to help you secure your wire terminations. Here, we-ll explain the difference between some of them.

Butt Splices

Once you get past the comical name, you may be wondering what exactly a butt splice is. Technically speaking, a butt splice connector is a form of a crimp connector. It is used to terminate wires safely or connect one wire to the next via a connector. We offer a variety of different kinds of butt/crimp splices that are made with heat shrink materials. The hot melted lining provides a permanent, waterproof seal for your connections so you can create securely sealed repairs and splicing.

End Caps

Heat shrink end caps insulate and seal off wire and splice terminations to protect against the elements, chemicals, abrasion, and more. They can be used in a wide variety of applications, including cars, electrical work, and networking. They are available in many different sizes to accommodate and protect your cables and wires, and they are usually used in conjunction with heat shrink tubing.

In summary, the difference is that butt splices can combine wire connections, while end caps provide a neat end to a terminated wire. Once you have determined which the best for your needs is, you can choose from our wide variety of choices in each category.

If you want to take things a step further, we have a number of kits to choose from, from super simple above-ground heat shrink butt splice kits to comprehensive wire maintenance kits that include butt splices, terminals, cramp tools, cable ties, installation tools, ID equipment, and everything you need for electrical installations.