Knives, Saws & Scissors

You never really know when you might need to cut something. Or saw it in half. So it's good to be prepared. And we're here to help! Our selection of cutting tools includes utility knives, hacksaws, scissors, even aviation snips and rail cutters. We've also got all the accessories you need to keep your cutters working like new, including replacement blades and sharpeners. So get out there and start cutting (responsibly, of course).

Scissors, Knives, and Blades for Days!

Since back in the caveman days, knives have been an essential tool in helping humans navigate through life. Back then knives were used for basic things like hunting, cutting down trees, carving tools, and defending themselves. Today, some people may still use knives for that, but mostly they are used as an essential tool to make many of our jobs easier.


When it comes to cable management, knives, blades, saws and scissors are a necessary piece of equipment to have on hand. has a huge array to choose from ensuring that you will be able to cut or saw through anything standing in your way!


Different Kinds of Cutting Utensils

Depending on what you need to cut through and accomplish, you may need a different tool. For example, electrician's scissors offer a versatile and multiple-purpose design that makes them an essential tool for any electrician. Pliers, on the other hand, are great for precise and flush termination cutting.


We have a few different blade knives that are similar to box cutters, and are great for jobs like cutting drywall, carpets, and more. Utility knives have many functions in one and are another essential part of any tool kit.


Our saws are designed to cut straight through drywall, plywood, and other tough surfaces that a regular knife wouldn't be able to handle. Splicing combinations come with multiple tools in one and are great for power utility workers.


One of our higher-end items is the DIN Rain Cutter, which is a manual cutter, however it is super smooth and allows you to cut through materials including different kinds of metals with ease. It creates a clean, smooth cut so you have minimal cleanup once you are done. While power tools are great, this rail cutter delivers faster and more accurate results in most situations.


Making sure you are equipped with the most appropriate scissor, knife, or blade before you get to work will save you plenty of time an energy. With our huge selection, you are bound to find the one that is perfect for you.