5 DIY Cable Organization Projects That Will Transform Your Home

By: CableOrganizer®

Electronics and electrical items simplify and complicate our lives simultaneously. Many gadgets may be equipped with dedicated chargers, in addition to their cables or cords, only adding wiring to the mix. It’s no wonder cable clutter can quickly overwhelm a home.

Experts suggest being savvy with disguising cords to prevent a disruption in your living area’s landscape. You can ingeniously hide them under or within a piece of furniture, behind a large basket or painting, inside a closet, between a wall and appliance, or by using many other creative solutions. There are various tools that can be used to pair decorative touches with organizing, such as a surge protector within an entertainment center.

How do you restore order to your wires and ultimately your home? These 5 DIY cable organization projects can transform and reinstate calm to your spaces.


hiding tv wires

Home theater wires can create distracting visual clutter. Concealing them behind a wall the most ideal solution. A DataComm™ Recessed TV Install Kit uses a low profile design to hide home theater cables, and everything needed to run power and A/V cabling. The PowerBridge In-Wall Power and Cable Management flat screen cable manager is another way to conceal wires with a pre-wired outlet and inlet. Raceway is an ideal solution for anyone who cannot or does not want to drill holes in their walls. Wire Trak® Raceway Roll covers TV wires with a portable, easy-to-store raceway, that can be cut to length. This raceway is made of a lightweight, durable, compliant PVC that attaches with an adhesive. The Premiere Raceway On-A-Roll™ is a similar option that creates a rigid wire channel from a folding surface mount raceway. CableOrganizer® has many raceway and raceway kits to choose from, which conceal wires and can be painted to match your walls. Several of our curated kits contain raceway and have a built-in cost savings for purchasing items together.


concealing cords

A few of your wires may need a slight amount of tweaking to make them less obvious. Some experts suggest matching a cord color to furniture or a wall to help it blend better with the background. A table lamp with a wire hanging down can be camouflaged, for example, with some expandable Flexo® PET braided sleeving in the same color as the table, and then attached to the table leg with coordinating cable ties. 3M® Decorating Clips are clear cord clips that can tame dangling cable slack. Use it to attach wires to the backside of a piece of furniture, or under a countertop. It can even navigate curves.


keeping cables in place

Cell phone, tablet, or laptop charger wires are famous for slipping away and falling behind a desk, nightstand, end table, or other places where these electronics often sit. Various types of cable clips can cleverly stop cables from sliding into the abyss. These provide just the right amount of accessibility and visibility, so you can plug them into your device. Many of them are self-adhesive, like the CableDrop™ Cord Clips, available in black, white, or a bright assortment. Kendall Howard® Adhesive Backed Cable Holders are compatible with the Kendall Howard® wall mount racks, enclosures, shelves, and other products. The BlueLounge® Sumo™ Desktop Cable Manager is a weighted product that sticks to surfaces with two micro-suction pads, and has an aesthetically appealing appearance. The Self-Adjusting Computer Cable Organizer helps to channel computer or home theater wires through loops, while mounted to the back of a desk or entertainment center. TeleAdapt Wired Connectivity Pull Through Hub sticks with a rubber suction cup to a desktop and keeps wires suspended.


winding up

Cords of all sizes around the home should be bundled to keep spaces uncluttered and safe. Mini blinds, for example, can become hazardous to small children or pets, who may end up inadvertently tangling themselves in their cords. The Cable Turtle Cable Manager features a core where mini blind cable slack can be wound. CableOrganizer® offers a full selection of different cord reels and winders, which prevent wire trip hazards in garages and workshops. Some feature retractable cords that stow away when not in use, like the Coleman Cable Cord Reel. It can stretch at least 20 feet and comes with an incandescent light or power block with three outlets.


clean up floor cables

It may be unavoidable to have wires, cables, and extension cords snaking across a floor or ground. But there are numerous ways to cover and safeguard them on any surface. Fabric cord covers like the SafCord Flexible Cord Cover, made of durable Cordura Nylon, sticks to rugs with filament hooks and can be cut to size. This reusable and washable cord cover comes in a range of colors to complement the surface it is placed on. Dura Race Cable Cover is another hook and loop attachment choice, which repels liquids, and keeps cables safe from abrasion. Cable cover protection is available for indoors and outdoors in plastic, flexible neoprene, or rubber. Some light capacity cord covers in these materials are designed to blend in with carpets or flooring. There are premium cable shield cord covers with a wood-like appearance, suitable for hardwood or laminate floors. Outdoor cables and hoses around your home can use some protection from the elements, and in some cases, pedestrian, and vehicle traffic, with medium capacity and high capacity cord covers designed to shield them. Elasco Glow in the Dark Cord Covers self-charge and illuminate for the entire night, to lessen trip hazards and create a safer environment on your property.

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