Premiere Raceway On-A-Roll™

Low Cost Folding Surface Mount Raceway


What's special about this surface raceway?

  • Constructed of sturdy UL 94 V0 Rated PVC to provide a rigid wire channel
  • Packaged in a compact box to maximize storage space and make shipping easy
  • Can be easily cut with scissors or a duct cutter to customize the length needed
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Premiere Raceway Products’ Raceway On-A-Roll™ is a unique rigid PVC cable management product. This surface mount raceway folds into a rigid channel that can be used for concealing and managing cables and wires of all types. The low profile design and adhesive backing only serve to make it easier to work with and install.
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Due to the nature of this product, it may twist during assembly, but will lay flat once the adhesive base is applied to a flat surface.

Part #Nominal SizeDimensionsColorsWeightPrice
PR-FWF-2551/4" x 50 ft0.255" W x 0.125" H x 50' LWhite,Beige3 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
PR-FWF-2511/4" x 100 ft0.255" W x 0.125" H x 100' LWhite,Beige3 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
PR-FWF-1453/8" x 50 ft0.375" W x 0.375" H x 50' LWhite,Beige5 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
PR-FWF-0551/2" x 50 ft0.475" W x 0.475" H x 50' LWhite,Beige4 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
PR-FWF-1051" x 50 ft1.085" W x 0.575" H x 50' LWhite,Beige5 lbs
Manufacturer Direct
  • Equipped with adhesive backing for fast and easy installation
  • Surface is paintable (using latex paint) to easily blend in with walls or fixtures
  • Low cost solution to providing fast and easy wire management
  • Smooth, easy to clean surface
  • Made in the USA USA


Non-Metallic Surface Mount Raceway Fill Capacity Chart

Cable Category / Designation Raceway Size How many cables for 20% fill? How many cables for 40% fill?
Telephone 2-Pair, 24 AWG 1/2" 2 4
1" 4 8
3-Pair, 24 AWG 1/2" 1 3
1" 3 7
4-Pair, 24 AWG 1/2" 1 2
1" 2 4
25-Pair, 24 AWG 1/2" 0 0
1" 0 1
Coaxial RG58/U 1/2" 1 2
1" 2 4
RG59/U 1/2" 0 1
1" 1 2
RG62/U 1/2" 0 1
1" 1 2
RG6/U 1/2" 0 1
1" 1 2
Twinaxial 100 Ohm 1/2" 0 0
1" 0 1
Shielded Twisted Pair Type 1 1/2" 0 0
1" 0 1
Type 2 1/2" 0 0
1" 0 0
Type 3 1/2" 0 1
1" 1 2
Fiber Optic Two Strand (Duplex)
Multimode 62.5/125µm
1/2" 1 2
1" 2 4

How to Use the Raceway On-A-Roll™

Installation Instructions:

  1. Remove Raceway On-A-Roll™ from the box at either side cut out
  2. Measure length needed for the job. Then pull out the measured length from the box. The inside is marked every 12". Cut with shears or common kitchen scissors.
  3. Fold the Raceway into a "J" shape as seen below and peel off liner and fasten adhesive side to your marked surface. Use mechanical fastener if needeed.
    bend the Raceway On-A-Roll into a J

  4. Insert wire or cable into the channel. Close one end by folding into a square and snapping shut.
    closing the Raceway On-A-Roll

  5. If angles are needed, snap close before inserting wires. Cut Raceway using standard mitre methods. Re-open to insert wires and snap shut.







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Questions & Answers


Hi, im interested in trying this product but I don't see your selection of connectors and end pieces that are compatible with this raceway. Please advise.

Asked by Brent C. on 12.12 AM Wednesday, 07 December, 2016

  • - Thank you for your question. Accessories for this particular brand is not currently offered however, we do have a similar raceway on a roll which does:

    Anonymous user on 03.41 PM Friday, 27 January, 2017

Are there 90' fittings that work with this raceway

Asked by Anonymous user on 03.54 PM Tuesday, 10 January, 2017

  • - Thank you for your question. Unfortunately we do not have any accessories available for this item at We do have a similar raceway on a roll which has accessories available:

    Natalia C. on 01.38 PM Wednesday, 11 January, 2017

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