10 Organizational Products for $10 or Less!

By: CableOrganizer®

If a tight budget has prevented you from investing in functional and stylish organizational products, we have great news for you: money doesn’t have to be an issue when it comes to ousting home and office clutter. Sound too good to be true? Affordable cable management is within reach. Just take your pick of these 10 wallet-friendly, mess-taming solutions from CableOrganizer.com, and you’ll find that it’s possible to clear away the clutter without cleaning out your bank account.



cable turtle

Cord Control, meet High Style. This sleek little product features a convenient “flip open, snap shut” design that lets you wind excess cable length around its hidden core to prevent tangled cords and unwanted clutter. It’s simple to use, highly functional, and is so aesthetically pleasing that it’s joined the ranks of the Museum of Modern Art’s Design collection. The Cable Turtle is also available in a rainbow of colors, so you’ll never need to sacrifice self-expression for cable management.




cable fish

Looking to reel in a cheap cable management catch? This small fish-shaped plastic cable winder pulls in cable lengths more than six times its span. Cables, wires — and even cords for blinds and shades up to 32 inches in length — can be wound around the 5.5-inch Cable Fish. It comes in brown, white, gray or black to color coordinate with the décor of your home or office.






Having tangled earbuds not only looks sloppy, but a tangle can damage delicate wiring too. Knots may wear down your earbud wiring over time. Loose wiring can also catch on something and break. The earPod — available in pink — prevents wire damage with a compact storage solution that is just 1.5 inches in diameter. The round enclosure winds earbud wiring around the small spool, keeping earbuds neat in your utility drawer, desk, pocket, briefcase or purse.




metal desk grommet

When it comes to protecting cables against abrasion as they pass through desktops and conference tables, black plastic grommets are the old standby. But if you find them to be a tad lackluster in the looks department, CableOrganizer.com carries a line of affordable and attractive cable management solutions with metal desk grommets that are enough to put the twinkle back into any decorator’s eye. Available in seven different finishes, these hard-working little beauties keep cables in top shape while lending an upscale appearance to your office furniture.




cable clips

Looking to manage the cords for your mobile devices affordably and in style? CableDrop™ Cord Clips from BlueLounge® offer the best of both worlds. These cheap cable management helpers boast mighty power. They are made of a flexible material that allows cables for phones, digital cameras, MP3 players and other items to be easily routed — and later removed. They also adhere with ease with a peel-and-stick underside, that is placed on your desktop or any other smooth surface. In packs of two, six or nine, you can use more than one— spaced a few inches apart — to alleviate cable stress relief.




Fantasy™ charging pad

Minimize cord clutter while charging your Qi device with this standard charging pad from WireRun®. The Fantasy™ Wireless Desktop Charging Pad is easy to use at your desk or on the go, taking up minimal space with a 3.937 inch diameter. Simply set your phone down on the charging pad when it’s illuminated red, and the light will change to blue as it’s charging. The non-slip pad under the charger keeps it in place on the surface where you set it.




3M hooks

We’re completely hung up on the sleek and timeless styling of these non-damaging 3M Innovation™ Command™ adhesive hooks and hangers. It’s finally possible to enjoy the look of traditional wall-mounted hooks without drywall or paint damage. 3M’s revolutionary silicone adhesive has enough gripping power to hold anywhere from one to five pounds, without the need for screws, nails or anchors, on a wall or desk. It’s perfect for keys, photos, managing cables and more. But the benefits of this product don’t end there. When it’s time for the hooks to be removed, the adhesive releases without peeling your paint or leaving sticky residue behind.




self adgusting cbale organizer

How many times have you disconnected a cable from your computer, laid it carefully along the edge of your desk to await future use, and then heard (much to your chagrin) the sound of it suddenly landing on the floor behind your workstation? Getting down on your hands and knees to retrieve escaped cables is not a task to be envied but look at the bright side: it’s not necessary, either. At least it isn’t if you have this self-adjusting computer cable organizer. A must-have, this cable organizer is mounted to the back of your desk with either self-adhesive backing or screws. There are eight flexible strip loops, that fit cables up to three inches wide, organizing them quickly, neatly and economically. Cables can be removed as quickly, without having them get lost behind the workstation abyss, if you’d like to take them out.




Keep cables organized with ease with MagDaddy™ Cable Clips. Equipped with a neodymium magnet, the Mag Daddy™ sticks to any metal surface, whether it’s a desk, file cabinet or other magnetic surface. Low voltage cables including for speakers, data, coaxial and more, are managed without sticky adhesives that could potentially damage surfaces. Cables can be rerouted with ease on a 360-degree rotating wire holder. These cable clips come in black, white or silver to match your décor.




cable manager

Wanted: affordable cable management products that cope well with change. If you like your cables neatly bundled but often find yourself needing to switch them out, the flexible, infinitely reusable Cable Manager is the ideal candidate for the position. Sold in pairs, these colorful little spirals coil effortlessly around cord bundles, but can be easily undone and re-installed as frequently as you need to update your cables.



Explore CableOrganizer® for more options priced at $10 or less to keep your life organized.

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