You'll Never Untangle Another Earbud Cord


What's special about this ear bud storage?

  • Earbud wires wind around outer channel for tangle-free storage.
  • Houses earbuds and plug in felt-lined inner compartment to prevent damage when they're not in use.
  • Keeps pockets, backpacks, purses and briefcases free of messy MP3 cords.
  • Ultra-compact size: only 1.5 inches in diameter
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Part # Description Weight Color Price
HT-EP100 earPod 4 oz. Pink
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The new earPod iPod® accessory houses the wires from your ear buds in a plastic round enclosure and was designed for iPod® users, by iPod® users. 700 iPod® users were recruited to assist in designing this product to cater to the needs of the everyday iPod® user. When you are not using the ear buds or do not need the entire length simply coil the wire around the earPod. This will avoid having tangled and knotted wires in the bottom of your bag or pocket. The center compartment on the earPod can store the ear buds and plug and the felt lining in this compartment protects the ear buds from any damage.


Diameter 1.5"
Depth 0.5"
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