Closed-Loop/Hook and Loop Fastener

Hook and Loop Wraps that Custom Fit Any Cable

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What's special about this cable fastener?

  • Closed center loop custom-conforms to any cable end, and stays securely in place until you decide to remove it
  • 7" length is perfect for smaller to mid-size cable bundles
  • Made from durable hook-and-loop, so you can reuse and reconfigure them over and over again
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The hook and loop cable fasteners are the easiest way to keep your cables under control. Your life will be so much better once that mess is securely fastened and tangle-free.

Part #SizeColorQuantityPrice
VWCL-307-C-BK1" x 7"Black5 per Bag

dimensions of Hook and Loop Fastener

  • Works great around the house, at the office, or in the recording studio
  • To use, just secure cable end in center loop, coil cable up, then close the wrap's ends around the bundle
  • Applications:
    • Cable Management
    • Sound Reinforcement
    • Recording
    • Audio Cables
    • Video Cables


RIPNGRIP sew-on hook and loop is manufactured and used on the highest quality sporting goods products in the world. We begin with German monofilament thread for prolonged cycle life. Then we coat the underside of the hook and loop with the thickest polyurethane backing in the industry. Such details insure a super-strong and peel strength even after 10,000 or more cycles.

The chart below RIPNGRIP hook and loop to the U.S. Military requirements. RIPNGRIP exceeds the Military requirements in every area tested.

Breaking Strength ASTM D5034-95 175 lbs 203 lbs 155 lbs
Shear Strength ASTM D5169-91 36 lbs 36 lbs 7.5 lbs
Breaking Strength of Splice ASTM D5034-95 83 lbs 83 lbs min. 30% of original
Thickness ASTM D1777-96 0.080 in 0.090 in 0.050 in
Weight Per Linear Yard ASTM 03776-96 8.52 gm 8.51 gm 5.3 gm
Dimensional Stability (after 3 launderings) FTMS 101A Method 55561 1.3% 0.3 3%
Appearance after Laundering USTC CI-5 Raveling of threads (>1/32") in length direction on both sides after 3 launderings > 1/32" fraying
Appearance after Dry Cleaning AATCC 158-1995
Satisfactory Satisfactory > 1/32" fraying
Color-fastness to Crocking AATCC 8-1996 Dry 4.5/ Wet 4.5 Dry 4.5/ Wet 4.5 Dry 3.5/ Wet 3.5
Color-fastness to Dry Cleaning AATCC 132-1998 Color Change 4.5 Color Change 4.5 Color Change 4.0
Staining of Multi-fibers -- Acetate, Cotton, Polyester, Acrylic, Wool   4.5 4.5 4.0
drawing of using Hook and Loop Fastener How to Use Hook and Loop Fastener

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Simply insert the end of the cord through the opening in the middle, (step 1) then pinch it down around the cord (step 2). It will stay on the cord until you take it off. Then just coil it up (step 3) and wrap the Cord-Lox around it.







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