CableHanger® Cable Routing Straps

Suspend Cables From Vertical Posts With No Damage


What's special about these cable routing straps?

  • Hangs cable bundles from vertical racks without harming the cables' integrity
  • Makes it possible to run multiple cables parallel to each other, but keeps them separate
  • Use with copper and fiber optic cables
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Quick Ship

The patented cable wrap suspension design locks the CableHanger® firmly onto a vertical post. The CableHangers® are easily released and re-tied, so adding, subtracting and replacing cables is a snap. Hook and Loop cable routing straps are gentle and will preserve the integrity of structured cabling and Fiber Optics.

  • CableHanger® can be easily released and re-tied, so it's simple to add or remove cables
  • Safe: made of plenum-rated black plastic
  • Damaged data cables are a thing of the past.
  • The cable hangers of plenum plastic are available in Black.
Property Value
Material 100% Nylon
Color Black
Sizes 1" x 6", 1" x 9"

how to use the CableHanger strap






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