Heavy Duty CinchStrap-EG

Takes the Stress Off Horizontal Cable Runs


What's special about this CinchStrap-EG?

  • Mounts to walls, racks, and mobile carts to organize and neatly route cable runs.
  • Prevents attenuation by reducing gravity and weight-induced cable stress.
  • Durable hook and loop doesn't quit: reorganize, add, or remove cables up to 10,000 times.
  • 2 cinch straps per pack
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The Cinch Strap-EG lets you take the stress off horizontal cable runs and safely organize cables from wiring racks, mobile carts, along walls, over doorways and in wiring closets. These tubing and cable straps are made from durable hook and loop material and a solid brass spur grommet. Our durable tubing and cable straps feature double stitching and fabric pull-tab.

Part # Size Bundle Diameter Color Quantity Price / Unit
VW7-N07-2BK 1" x 7" 1.5" Black 2
VW10-N10-2BK 1" x 10" 2.5" Black 2
  • Buckle works like a pulley, to give you extra leverage while tightening strap.
  • Grommet evenly distributes weight into the strap, so the fabric won't tear- even when heavy cable loads are suspended.
  • These plastic cable routing straps attach to any rack or surface. Use any fastener up to 1/4" diameter for mounting.
  • Durable hook and loop material lets you reorganize cable over and over again, up to 10,000 times.
  • These elastic cable strap products are available in sizes to meet every demand from 1"x 7" and 1" x 10" (other sizes and colors available upon request. Minimum quantities apply).

    CinchStrap EG Steps


    Part # Width Length Bundle Diameter Color
    VW7-N07-1BK 1" 7" 1.5" Black
    VW10-N10-1BK 1" 10" 2.5" Black
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    How-To Corner



    1. Insert screw through grommet and attach to surface with buckle hanging down.
    2. Insert bundle between buckle and fabric.
    3. Pull tab through from behind buckle and pull tab tight.
    4. Press down on fabric to lock bundle in place.
    how to install Cinch Strap EG

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