Cable Lubricant Supplies

Installation friction. When pulling cable through conduit, it's a fact of life. So how do you get your cables to move smoothly when laying your runs? Lubricant is the answer! And here's where to find it. We've got a great selection designed for use within electrical or datacom cable pulls. Options are available that can be sprayed on, wiped on, poured on or pumped, depending on your specific need. We've also got liquid removal aid to help loosen cables that are stuck to wax, rust, soap, dirt, bitumen and other contaminants.

Cable Lubricant Systems to Make Your Cable Pulling Job Easier

As someone who works with cables regularly, we understand your struggles with cable pulling. Often, cables need to be pulled through tight spaces that are not exactly conducive to making things easy. Cable lubricant supplies and systems offer solutions to your toughest wire pulling situations. has the best selection of cable pulling equipment to help your work move smoothly through any situation.

Lubricant Changes the Game of Cable Pulling

Cable pulling is a tough job, and there are supplies you need to make sure you can get it done efficiently and without creating further damage to your cable runs. We have cable lubricant for use within both electrical and Datacom cable pulls. For your convenience, they come in different options so that you can wipe, spray, or pour the lubricant as needed.
When you think about what kind of pulling lubricant you need, it is important to look at where your cable runs are located, and what kind of application they will be used with. Different cable lubes exist for different reasons. Here are some examples:

  • If you are looking for an all-around, general cable lubricant, a good option is the Polywater SPY Cable Lubricant. It is the only cable lube that has a spray option for easy application. It can also be wiped on so that you can control how much is used and how it is applied. It continues to work even after it dries because the residue that is left is a film that retains a slippery feel for months!
  • For those of you who live or work in a cold environment, there is a special cable pulling lubricant designed especially for cold weather! This IDEAL Aqua-Gel Lube is made for temperatures between -25 F to 40 F and will not freeze in normally freezing conditions. It is safe to use on any kind of cable or wire.
  • Sometimes the opposite is needed, so we also carry cable removal aid. This great product gets cables loose from substances like wax, dirt, and rust. It protects your conduit by keeping it in shape and clean.

These are just some of the many great options has to offer. We encourage you to browse through our selection of great cable lubricant supplies and systems so that you can use your cables as efficiently as possible starting now and for years to come.