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American Polywater® CableFree® Cable Removal Aid

Wire Removal Just Got a Lot Easier


What's special about CableFree?

  • Loosens cables that are stuck to wax, rust, soap, dirt, bitumen and other substances inside of conduit.
  • Lubricates to minimize the force needed and friction generated when pulling on cables.
  • Keeps the conduit in shape and ready to use after a good cleaning.
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CableFree® is designed to help you with the process of removing cables from conduit. Time and insufficient maintenance can create adhesive agents around your cable run and all around the inside of the conduit, making it difficult to remove wires without damaging them or being forced to cut the conduit.

Part # Description Weight Price
AP-CF-35 CableFree® Cable Removal Aid - 1 Quart (0.95 Liter) Bottle 2.3 lbs
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AP-CF-128 CableFree® Cable Removal Aid - 1 Gallon (3.78 Liter) Can 8.75 lbs
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CableFree® Cable Removal Aid lubricates cables for easier pulling, therefore eliminating the need for cutting. Having a successful removal can save you a lot of money, even if the removal is only partial.



This product is NOT intended to allow the re-use of the removed cables. These cables may be ruined by the solvent nature of the product and should not be re-installed. Also, removing one cable from a group is usually not possible. All the cables in the conduit should be removed and a new cable run should be installed in its place.


  • CableFree® Removal Aid MSDS (PDF) PDF
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