Feed Master Universal Installation Tool

Works great with Techflex® F6® in sizes 3/8" through 1 1/2"


What's special about this wire loom tool?

With this premium wire loom tool, you can add and remove wires quickly and easily. Simply gather the wires you want into the installation tool and then insert the tool and wires into any split tubing or semi-rigid sleeving like Flexo F6. Run the tool through the tubing, smooth it out with your hand and you are finished.

Works for wires, cables, and hoses - up to 4 gauge PowerAmp Generator cables

Part # Maximum Bundle Size Split Wrap Wire Protection Diameters Price
INN0.00NG 1 1/2" 3/8", 1/2", 3/4," 1", 1 1/2"
  • Works on any split sleeving.
  • Works with individual wires or cable bundles.
  • Works for Wires, cables and hoses and gages, up to 4 gage PowerAmp Generator cables
  • Guide body made of Polypropylene plastic
  • Cable holder made of Polyacetal plastic


  • F6 split sleeving is a great and economical way to protect wire bundles and cables, but if you have ever run wiring through split tubing than you know that it can be frustrating. Without the F6 speed wire installation tool, the more wires you have, the harder it is. When you have to add a wire, it can really slow you down. With the F6 speed wire installation tool, these installations are faster and easier than ever. Just slide the wire bundle into the tool, rotate the barrel, insert the bulge into the desired split sleeving, then quickly and easily slide it along the length of the sleeving. Your installation will be done in the time and with the ease of moving your hand from one end of the sleeving to the other
  • There are many different options to choose from when bundling, protecting, and installing wires and cables. Many of these choices require costly installation, expensive tools, complicated harnesses, or professional expertise. Economical options, such as cable ties, leave your wires exposed and and take time to install at multiple intervals. The F6 installation tool solves those problems with its low price, versatility, light weight, and ease of use. For only a few dollars, you can have a durable and useful tool to make any split sleeving installation look and feel professional, for a fraction of the cost.
  • Whether it be television cables at home, computer cables at the office, power cords in the warehouse, or delicate wires in your car; the F6 Speed Installation Tool will make sure all of your needs are covered. Its small size, light weight, and versatile design makes it handy for any type of job in any location. Unsightly wires in your basement? Unsafe wires on your construction site? Rattling wires in your automobile or motorcycle? Buy a length of cost effective and protective Flexo F6 or F6 Quiet split braided sleeving, and insert your existing and plugged in wires and cables with a simple motion when you have the F6 Speed Wire Installation Tool!


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