AZTC-20 Electronic Compact Thermocutter

Clean, Effortless, Precise Cutting


What's special about this Electronic Thermo-cutter?

  • Lightweight design reduces operator’s fatigue
  • Electrically heated blade for your safety, cools quickly
  • Easily cuts through material up to 5" thick depending on density.
  • Heats up instantly for fast, efficient production
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The design is based around increasing production numbers, reducing the fatigue factor and focuses on operation safety. With a simple flick of your thumb you can control the temperature, which ranges from 0º to 1,050º F, also you are able to control the current by switching from continuous to pulsating for use with larger blades. Probably the best component of this versatile thermo-cutter is the fact that the handle never gets hot, this helps to keep the production going for a whole while longer.

Part # Description Voltage Dimensions Weight Price
ABB-AZTC-20 AZTC-20 Electronic Thermocutter 110 Amp 3"W x 10" L x 1.5" D 0.7 lb
Manufacturer Direct

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  • Temperature from 0º to 1050º F instantly
  • Designed for constant use and on/off operation
  • Convenient thumb switch to quickly adjust temperature
  • Pulsating current for use with larger blades to regulate heat and prevent overheating.
  • Made in Germany

    feature diagram of Thermocutter AZTC-20

    Electronic Thermocutter Dimensions 3"W x 10" L x 1.5" D
    Electronic Thermocutter Weight

    11-1/2 oz

    Thermocutter Foot Cutting Weight 3-1/2 oz
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