Heavy Duty CinchStrap®

Reusable Cable Management for Hoses, Wires or Cables


What's special about this heavy duty utility strap?

  • Extra strong and durable, so you can wrap bundles of hoses, wires or cables safely, wires, or cables safely, securely, and neatly
  • Completely non-metallic (including the Nylon buckle) for safe use around electricity or magnetized computer components
  • Double-stitched and manufactured of the highest quality hook and loop for 10,000 release cycles and years of daily abuse
  • Perfect cable management tool for use in any situation, including boating, camping, traveling or gardening
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Cinch Straps® are heavy duty utility straps with extra strength and holding power or securely fastening hoses, wires or cables to keep them neat and organized. Manufactured of the highest quality hook and loop materials and double stitched by hand, they are perfect for gardeners, boaters, RV enthusiasts or anyone else who needs cable management.

Part #SizeColorMax Bundle DiameterPrice
VW9-N09-11" W x 9" LBlack, Red,2"
Quick Ship
VW12-N12-11" W x 12" LBlack, Blue, White, Red, Orange2.75"
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VW02-O18-12" W x 18" LBlack, Red, Orange4"
Manufacturer Direct
VW02-O24-12" W x 24" LRed6"
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  • Integrated buckle gives you extra leverage during tightening for extra holding power
  • Pull-tab release makes it easy to unstrap with one hand
  • With 1” or 2” widths and different lengths available, no job is too big or small


Part Number VW9-N09-1 VW12-N12-1 VW02-O18-1 VW02-O24-1
  Buckle Size 1"W Strap Buckle Size 2"W Strap
Overall Length 1.34" (34.036mm) 1.34" (34.036mm) 2.4" (60.96mm) 2.4" (60.96mm)
Opening Length 1.02" (25.908mm) 1.02" (25.908mm) 2" (50.80mm) 2" (50.80mm)
Overall Width 0.67" (17.018mm) 0.67" (17.018mm) 1" (25.40mm) 1" (25.40mm)
Opening Width 1.275" (32.385mm) 1.275" (32.385mm) 0.5" (12.70mm) 0.5" (12.70mm)
Overall Strap Length 9" (228.60mm) 12" (304.80mm) 18"457.20mm) 24" (609.60mm)
Overall Strap Width 1" (25.40mm) 1" (25.40mm) 2" (50.80mm) 2" (50.80mm)
Material Nylon Nylon Nylon Nylon

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